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  1. Animebryan

    Recovery Rate & Pharmacology

    In regards to Recovery Rate & Pharmacology, do these effects apply to the target if they have it or do they apply if the user has them? Say I have a White Mage with Recovery Rate at 200% & they heal someone else. Does the Recovery Rate bonus boost their healing to whoever or only if the target...
  2. Animebryan

    How does scaling work for Guard Effect SP-Parameter?

    So I was wondering how damage reduction scaling works with the SP-Parameter Guard Effect. The range is from 0% to 1000%. If 100% reduces damage by 50%, then would 200% reduce damage by 75%? And would 50% only reduce damage by 25%? It would be nice to understand how the scaling works.
  3. Animebryan

    RMMZ Airship moving out of bounds with MZ 1.3.3 update

    I noticed what seems like a bug where the Airship can leave past a map's edge and not just by 1 or 2 tiles either. I'm talking like holding a direction for a few seconds (approx. 30+ tiles) & taking just as long to come back into the map. Only happens with the Airship though.
  4. Animebryan

    RMMZ FF Style LvX Skills using Visustella's Enemy Levels plugin

    I'm planning on using VS's Enemy Levels plugin & wanted to setup LvX Skills that only affect targets who's level is a multiple of X, such as Lv3 Flare, Lv4 Gravija, Lv5 Death, etc. I looked through the entire plugin but there's no notetag option to make this possible. Is this actually possible...
  5. Animebryan

    [MZ] Looking for RTP SV Battlers

    Looking for side-view battlers for some MZ characters, RTP styled preferred
  6. Animebryan

    Bug Character Generator still messed up [Solved]

    The sprites from the character generator are still messed up, even after updating to v1.1.0
  7. Animebryan

    It works on Windows 7!

    As someone who was bummed out about MZ requiring Windows 8.1 or 10 when I still use 7, I decided to download the Trial version just to confirm & view the RTP assets. I was shocked to discover that despite it being stated that Windows 8.1 or 10 is required, it turns out to not being true! It...
  8. Animebryan

    Need Terrain Tags added as an option for Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions Plugin

    Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin doesn't an option for Terrain Tags & I was wondering if someone who knows JS could add it as an option. Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions
  9. Animebryan

    Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin doesn't support Terrain Tags

    I'm using Yanfly's Vehicle Restrictions plugin to control where the Boat can go & it seems in order to allow it to sail the high seas, I'm going to have to cover EVERY SINGLE WATER TILE ON MY 256x256 MAP! That's ridiculous! Why didn't he give an option to use Terrain Tags too?! So I'm asking if...
  10. Animebryan

    Making a skill with Random Effects

    Is there a way to make a skill that has random effects? Like the Chance spell from the Dragon Quest series.
  11. Animebryan

    Need help with Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag

    So I have Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag that I'm using but after reading through it, it seems to go off every time the character takes damage, which would waste off your potion supply pretty quickly. So I was wondering if someone knew how to add a condition so that it only goes off if HP falls...
  12. Animebryan

    Need to prevent Augment Stacking with YEP Attachable Augments

    I'm using Yanfly's Attachable Augments & I couldn't help but notice that he didn't include a way to prevent stacking of the same augment or multiple augments that boost a parameter. This can lead to some super broken setups like stacking EVA+ augment until the character is untouchable or even...
  13. Animebryan

    Need events to pass through other events

    I need events to pass over other events. I have some events that chase the player using YEP Event Chase Player that have their Priority set to Same as Player & a bunch of collectable events around the map set to Below the Player, but the chasing events can't pass over the collectable events. I...
  14. Animebryan

    Question about YEP Armor Scaling

    I'm aware that the YEP Armor Scaling plugin reduces damage based on an armor value that's determined by the target's DEF stat & reduces it by a set percentage. What I can't find in the plugin is whether or not if a target's MDF stat is used as well for Armor Scaling against magical attacks...
  15. Animebryan

    Need a plugin that allows states to control skill 'repeats' (Multi Cast)

    I'm looking for a plugin that can setup states to apply a controllable amount of skill repeats, basically abilities like Double/Triple/Quad Cast. It could setup notetags to states that apply an x amount of repeats to select skills, which would be controlled by skill notetags like this <multi...
  16. Animebryan

    MV Crashes while working on Database

    I've had this problem with my last project & now with this one. If I work on the database long enough & try to switch category tabs or try to push OK to close it out, the windows turns white & becomes unresponsive & crashes. I've learned to save often but this is annoying as hell! For the...
  17. Animebryan

    Need a Gender Plugin

    Need a Gender plugin that serves the following purposes; 1) Set Equipment to be (Gender) Only, similar to the Dragon Quest series, where there are plenty of Female-only armor. 2) Skills that work only on a specific gender. After all, Charm is a default state. One would think Charm would only...
  18. Animebryan

    Yanfly's Icon Generator eating too much CPU & RAM!

    I'm using Yanfly's Icon Generator & its eating up all my CPU & RAM! The CPU usage is nearly maxed out around 90-98% right from the start & the RAM Memory is only at about 2.5-3 GB out of 6 GB at first, but the longer I use it, the more RAM it takes up. See for yourself: Does anyone else have...
  19. Animebryan

    Editor keeps crashing when editing Database for several entries without saving

    Just as the title says, the editor keeps crashing on me if I edit several entries in the database without saving for a while. This is what appears in the error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: RPGMV.exe Application Version: Application...
  20. Animebryan

    Need help with an error

    After creating a new skill to test out a TP draining skill, my playtesting comes to a crashing halt thanks to some stupid error. At first I thought it was caused by using SRD's HUD Maker to customize my Battle HUD, so I disabled both plugins & tried again with the default layout (default for YEP...

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