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  1. Zeramae

    Cliché Story

    "To have brothers and sisters... Being an only child; it's always been a dream of mine to have a team like in the games I play." "You want to escape this life. I can see it. That's why I'm here." Storyline: For every dreamer, there will be one group of dreamers who...
  2. Zeramae

    Editing Yanfly's Party System

    Hiya friendly neighborhood scripters! I hope it's not such a big edit, but I'd like the "- Remove -" lines removed when switching party members around. Here's an image showcasing what I want removed from the party system screen: To make my request more clear; I don't want a remove function...
  3. Zeramae

    Grinding? I kind of miss it.

    Now don't get me wrong. Grinding when each battle takes about 5 minutes (I'm looking at you Lost Odyssey as a semi-recent example) is a huge chore that kills the fun out of it; even more-so if you barely get the exp needed and you need to grind to survive. But; I still love a good grind now...
  4. Zeramae

    Event call for the load menu.

    As the title suggests; I want to be able to call the loading screen via event. Is there a call using the script event that will do this for me? I also want to be able to exit from the loading screen back to the map and not the menu. Any help would be appreciated; thank you for taking the time...
  5. Zeramae

    Inserting a character's name

    I'm curious as to what the community thinks of the above question; is being able to name your characters a good or bad thing? In public I've normally seen people naming their characters joke names if given the chance in order for a good laugh. It makes me wonder, first of all, what drives...
  6. Zeramae

    A small introduction; nice to meet you!

    Just a heads-up...I'm awful at introductions; especially those that aren't done face to face! The extra time before posting just makes it that much more awkward...weird I know. Hmmm...can I get a do-over? Hello! I've been using RMVX for about two years now, but haven't even attempted to make...

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