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  1. gvduck10

    What *exactly* does Luck do?

    The engine only says "it controls thinks like status effects". Does anyone actually know, definitively, what Luck stat does in VX Ace? This would better help me utilize it in-game properly.
  2. gvduck10

    Fishing or Fisherman Sprite

    I am looking for a simple npc fishing sprite. I found an old one by PandaMaru but cannot seem to get the dimensions right. So either something else I can use or some direction on how to make that one work. Would be great if I can get both side facing and down facing. (MUST BE FOR VX ACE) By...
  3. gvduck10

    HELP with Battle Interface

    OK - bear with me! I have no experience with using scripts or plugins (I currently do everything using events and sometimes have to get really creative). But, something I would love to see in my current game is AT LEAST the characters' faces under the UI during battle (which used to be the...
  4. gvduck10

    Getting test players

    What are your thoughts/suggestions on... Getting players to test your game/demo? Collecting valuable feedback? When is a game really ready to demo? How to find players who do Let's Play? Do you prefer a very well polished short demo with fewer areas, or a more unpolished demo that allows you to...
  5. gvduck10

    QUESTION about additional content in non-comm game

    OK, so I know this is nit-picky but I want to make sure I am doing this right. I have used quite a bit of extra resources for my Suikogarden game... all from creators that say it is okay to use (with credit given) in non-commercial games. As long as I am not charging/selling the game - is it...
  6. gvduck10

    RMVXA Chef Excellent Master Time (Res)

    GAME LINK (I apologize in advance, this is an old file and I no longer have the original so I cannot make any edits) *INSPIRATION* and SYNOPSIS I was watching some Asian cooking contests and gameshows, when I noticed the tendency...
  7. gvduck10

    Other basic sets in event gallery RPGMVXAce

    Sorry, if this is the wrong thread, but I seem to recall it is possible to get the other base sets (exterior, interior, etc) in the events images options. The default only allows you to access the B/C/D tabs of the current setting (interior, exterior, etc) but I swear I was able to add the...
  8. gvduck10

    RMVXA Suikogarden *DEMO* Suikoden-inspired rpg

    Premise A main component of the much beloved Suikoden series is recruiting many characters (typically 108) that help to grow your castle and your army. Suikogarden follows this tradition but with a smaller, more reasonable cast (currently 50). Story What happens when a mother betrays her own...
  9. gvduck10

    RMVXA Sybil, Fugitive Princess

  10. gvduck10

    RMMV Castaway Survival Sim Game

    The last week I have been mentally mapping this idea. If anyone remembers Sims Castaway (I LOVED that game), it is largely based on that. Yanfly's item synthesis system would be crucial, as I have created item creation gimmicks without the mod, but they wouldn't work here. PLOT The main hero...
  11. gvduck10

    Change tile passability with event

    I seem to recall being able to do this before, but maybe I am wrong. What I want to do is have an Event where the character learns how to "walk over water", and then have the tiles change to passable instead of the default impassable. Would be a TON easier than having to set up a ton of events...
  12. gvduck10

    Need Product Key - PLEASE help

    I purchased RPG Maker VX Ace many moons ago for my laptop, but recently wanted to install it on my new desktop (I no longer use the laptop), but am not able to find the email with my product key. I see other users had similar issues in the past and a Mod was able to help them look up the...
  13. gvduck10

    Suikostar - A suikoden based RPG w/ demo

    Demo Link: Overview/Story The Prince's sister, Zala, is about to get married, when something goes terribly wrong. This causes a series of political and espionage type events to occur that will spiral into all-out war, unless the...
  14. gvduck10

    Suikoden styled party selection

    I am looking for something like this: It needs to be able to do all of the following: 1. Only characters that have been recruited are present (other characters not yet recruited could be represented by blank spaces, dashes, shilouttees or -ideally- just not there) 2. After a new character is...
  15. gvduck10

    Animal Playable characters

    One staple of the of the Suikoden series is animal-like PCs with matching names (only different by the vowels) Since I am designing a suikoden-inspired game, I would like to include the following 5 animal PCs: 1. Nava, the fox - sprite & portrait are DONE -- thanks to Paneda! 2. Neva, the...
  16. gvduck10

    Who do I credit for this??

    A long time ago I downloaded the folder "Standalone Animations" and recently wanted to include some of them in a game, but I cannot find the original maker, and I want to give credit where credit is due... I think they may have been part of a Staff Release. If it is any help, there are 181...
  17. gvduck10

    Suikoden series Tablet of Stars

    Looking for advice/suggestions on how to do the following: In each title of the Suikoden series, there exists an item called the Tablet of Stars which keeps track of which characters you have recruited into your army (108 characters total, in each of the main games) The Suikoden wikia...
  18. gvduck10

    Title Pending

    The World The Heroes Ranmaru (human?) A former servant of the Everdark who leaves his master's service when he realizes how corrupt his power has actually become. He strikes out into the world hoping to find a power strong enough to defeat his former master before it is too late... The...
  19. gvduck10

    Swamp Undine sprite

    TWO REQUESTS involving the RTP Water Spirit-- BACKGROUND: This evil being called the "Everdark" is half-Undine (from his mother) and has the power to corrupt other elemental spirits. In fact, he corrupts his own mother's form from a Water Elemental into an evil Swamp Elemental who drowns all...
  20. gvduck10

    Idea for Item Discovery skill

    Not sure if this would work, so someone help me out/confirm: TWO possible versions of this skill: 1. Skill only works in battle (<---HELP?) 2. Skill works only from menu (THIS I CAN DO) Skill would trigger a common event that randomly selected one of several possible items or a "failed"...

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