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  1. Decinbr

    RMMZ [MZ] Help to create a plugin

    Hello, greetings. I'm trying to create a plugin that can make a direct download go to my game folder automatically. Because there is no "auto updater" plugin, I'm trying to at least make the player just extract the winrar file that was downloaded directly to the game's folder. Let me clarify...
  2. Decinbr

    [MZ]How to get actor skill ID?

    Hi everyone, im trying to get actor skill id, i used this code: $$dataSkills[1]) but it is showing 0 value. Actually the skill id of actor 1 is 5.
  3. Decinbr

    Does anyone have a 32 x 32 size tileset for RPG Maker MZ?

    Im looking for a tileset with this size.
  4. Decinbr

    [MZ]Contidion to check when player is busy?

    Good morning to everyone! Once again I come to ask for your help. I would like to know if there is any code to check when the player is busy. Like: message window is active, accessing the menu, some automatic event is active... Something like: when player is busy... I noticed that by default...
  5. Decinbr

    Your browser does not allow to read local files.

    Hi guys, idk what is happening, but seems the browsers are increasingly blocking you from reading the local files. I've tried everything to run index.html, but I couldn't. I used the command: --allow-file-access-from-files (no longer works) I already went to about:config in mozila and chrome, I...
  6. Decinbr

    [MZ]Call a common event before acessing menu

    I'm looking for the file where it calls the main menu scene as I want to add this code before: $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(722) Because I want to call this event before accessing the menu. Does anyone know where this file is? I think it's one of those...
  7. Decinbr

    [MZ]Change parameter value

    Hi guys, thanks for helping me every time I needed it. Once again I come to ask for your help. I want to change a parameter of a hero, not add or subtract, just change it to a specific value. I tried using this code, but it didn't work: $ = 1; can anybody help me?
  8. Decinbr

    [MZ] How to get actor equipment ID?

    Hi. I want to know what is the variable ID of Actor equipment, something like... Weapon ID from actor leader. Someone knows? And also, how to force the hero unequip respective equipment.
  9. Decinbr

    [MZ] Help me to change UI picture!

    Hi everyone... I would like to know where can i change this default image UI. I want to put another picture and bigger thant this
  10. Decinbr

    RMMZ [Help] How to check: variable 1 is greater than multiple variables( 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Hi guys! I want to put a condition where 1 variable is greater than others at once... something like $gameVariable.values >=== variable 1, 2 , 3 ,4...
  11. Decinbr

    [MZ]RPG Maker MZ update 1.5 when comes?

    I saw that 1.5 will come spring 2022. Im from Brazil, so would like to know what month is spring? On Steam says spring 2022
  12. Decinbr

    RMMZ [HELP]Check if any event is happening?

    Hello guys! I'm using IgnisTouchPictures to call an event. The problem is that when I talk to some npc or some automatic event is happening, the picture can be clicked and the event happens. I know there is a way to disable the function, but it would be too much work and sometimes I might forget...
  13. Decinbr

    RMMZ Is there any way to change priority of a picture?

    Hi. My enemies were made by pictures, but now I want to make them move. I did, but I forgot the detail that the picture above has the lowest priority, so it ends up being under the enemy. Is there any code or plugin that modifies the picture priority? Thanks
  14. Decinbr

    (MZ) Is there a code to check if a player is facing Region ID?

    Hi, i would like to know if is there any code to check if the player is facing a region ID.
  15. Decinbr

    RMMZ Show actor equipment on screen(Help-me)

    Hi everyone! Im using Text Screen plugin, and i would like to know what is the code to show actor equipmente(the icon and name) on screen. I got some codes like: ${$[1].name} But did not work. I want to show actor 1 acessory 3 name and icon on screen. Is possible...
  16. Decinbr

    RMMZ Change picture color

    Greetings from Brazil to all! I would like to know one thing... I use 4 pictures in a loop to make an enemy animated, But whenever I change the color it goes back to the default color. I would like to know if there is a way in RPG Maker MZ to change the color once even changing pictures in a loop.
  17. Decinbr

    Someone knows if is there any Launcher for Rpg Maker MZ?

    Im looking for a plugin or tool that can update your project without download again. I mean for Windows. I know that it can be do with Browser deployment.
  18. Decinbr

    RMMZ What is the command to check Numpad5 is triggered?

    Hi everyone. Im try to put this command: (Input.isTriggered('Numpad5')) but does not work. I want to check if Numpad5 is triggered.
  19. Decinbr

    RMMZ Using variable as gold on shop.

    Hi friends! Could anyone tell me if there is any plugin for rpg maker mz that uses a variable instead of gold as the default? thank you all.
  20. Decinbr

    (RMZ)Show picture on description?

    Hi friend. Is there any way to show a picture on description window? Equip window helper.

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