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  1. arcana23

    No longer writes music for video games

    No longer writes music for video games
  2. arcana23

    Thinking about moving overseas

    Just thought I would update. I plan to move to England for a year or two. I got accepted at two Universities, Southampton and Liverpool. Anyone familiar with them? I'm getting a Masters in Music Composition. And probably a PhD!
  3. arcana23

    RTP Edit: Realistic World Map Tiles

    Thank you! I will use them! :lol:
  4. arcana23

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Thanks Celianna! I will work on this more later. Right now I have each exit to the outdoors calling the daylight common event for instant change.
  5. arcana23

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Okay, that worked Celianna and thank you, but everytime I go outside it does the slow change to the tint of that time. I thought I would make a variable for each tint change, "Dawn","day", "dusk", "night". But I ran into the problem of when to change those switches. Like I want the tint to...
  6. arcana23

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Yea I changed it to a 24 hour system and I tried to make it more realistic. 22:00:00 is night, 4 hrs is sunrise, 8 hrs day, 20 is sunset. Plus I put it in the common event and then call it in the first common event then it will automatically do it even if I'm in a dungeon or a house so I'm not...
  7. arcana23

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Thanks Celianna, that is very helpful!
  8. arcana23

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    Here's an idea you guys gave me for my game, at it's a 12 hour day, but I haven't added tinting yet, not sure I want it. I used facebook to host my images. I decided to add an event for the world map to change daylight, I just have to reset the screen to normal when I enter anything that...
  9. arcana23

    Luna's Character Workshop

    I always love your work!
  10. arcana23

    Crusty Old Polygons

    Gorgeus work! I really like them! Thanks so much for sharing so freely!
  11. arcana23

    VE - Damage Popup

    I think I've said enough from now on just assume I like all your work!
  12. arcana23

    VE - Diagonal Movement

    Again, extremely useful!
  13. arcana23

    VE - Encounter Rates Mod

    This is also a great idea! I think I am excited to make a game using all you proposed!
  14. arcana23

    Anime/Manga Discussion

    Okay, well I am old enough and I can enjoy drama, comedy and all so I will try those selections and see what grabs me. Although comedy is my favorite I do like to cry at times and also a good love story always works. Thanks!
  15. arcana23

    VE - Fog Effects

    Awesome again!
  16. arcana23

    VE - Followers Options

    Oooo, this reminds of a game that I can't quite place my finger on. But I love this idea!
  17. arcana23

    VE - Loop Animation

    Awesome! Thanks!
  18. arcana23

    VE - Basic Module

    I see VE has taken over but am curious to know more, later that is when I am more available to think like a scriptor! I'll bookmark your site and explore! Thanks for sharing!
  19. arcana23

    Anime/Manga Discussion

    I would've liked this but I ran out of quota! I am new to anime and manga but my sister keeps buying me manga books and I need to sit down and read them some day. I think it started when I was trying to learn Japanese and I bought a manga series to teach Japanese. I still need to finish it. n...
  20. arcana23

    Celianna's Parallax Tiles

    Beautiful! Gorgeous! Fantasmagatical! The carpets alone are worth millions!

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