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  1. Lightningflash11

    When on world map, you get a speed boost that lasts forever.

    I have no idea what's causing this. I was just testing my game, when I found out that when you first get to the overworld map, you get a huge speed boost. I tried going into a different area but its still there. I'm not sure what's causing it. Any ideas? It only happens when you first get...
  2. Lightningflash11

    Game file copy wont open

    So my game file in my rpg maker 2003 game folder does open. The problem is I made a copy of the game file to put on my desktop, but it doesn't open. It just pops up with a message. Ill attach a picture.
  3. Lightningflash11

    Game file won't start in the correct spot.

    So I wanted to send the file of my game to a friend. The problem is when I opened it to test it, the game started on the wrong spot. (Not in RPG maker, in the actual file, in my file explorer.) I changed the player starting position to the right map, but it still starts in the wrong spot. I'm...
  4. Lightningflash11

    Why isn't my event visible on the map?

    I have an event with a graphic. I have it so when you click on him, it activates an autorun cutscene. But for some reason when I testplay, he isn't there. I'm not sure what I did wrong. (Forgive me im new) @BenSD Thank you for kindly explaining to not double post. You're very right, people...
  5. Lightningflash11

    Can't find MV folder anywhere!!!

    I have rpgMV on steam and i'm looking in the right folder, but it's nowhere. I'm trying to get to my DLC folder. I have found it before, so I have no idea where it went. More than half my steam games arn't even in here. I'm so confused. (But that's besides the point) How else can I find the files?
  6. Lightningflash11

    How to have a party wiped out, but then transferred without a game over?

    So i'm trying to have an overpowered enemy wipe out the party. After the party is wiped out, I would like them to be transferred somewhere(or just the player really). I don't want a game over screen to show. Is this possible? Or a way to do something similar?
  7. Lightningflash11

    What happened to custom tileset?

    I imported a tileset and more then half didn't show up. I'm not sure what I did wrong.
  8. Lightningflash11

    No Trees??

    Stupid question, but are there really no trees or flowers in 2k3. I looked in each tileset and there are no trees... Why would they not add trees? Seems ridiculous to me.
  9. Lightningflash11

    How do I make a hero disappear after move route?

    I have an autorun cutscene where I want the hero to run away and then disappear. The move route happens after the dialog and it works great. I tried a couple of things to have her disappear after, but no luck. I tried flipping a switch to turn her graphic into nothing. That just made her...
  10. Lightningflash11

    How to teleport an event?

    How do you teleport an event? I have an event with a hero graphic. I used a screen transition, and I want that event to teleport somewhere else (in the same room) while the screen is black. How do I do that? Thanks!
  11. Lightningflash11

    Cutscene not acting right.

    I have a king talking, then I want a guard to pop into view and then follow his move route, then the player to be transferred. (I didn't add that yet, I might know how but it would be great for someone to show me just incase.) but instead the guard keeps walking endlessly.
  12. Lightningflash11

    Wrong weapon showing up in battle.

    I'm confused because I want a staff to show up in battle when using the wooden staff. But instead, the default sword shows up. This happens for everything. It's always the sword regardless of the weapon animation I choose. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I even tried making a staff element...
  13. Lightningflash11

    Incorrect wpon showing up in battle.

    My hero is holding a longsword, but the weapon that shows up in battle is a spear. I'm not sure how to change what weapon animation shows up in battles. As you can see the long sword animation is the sword, and Slade is able to use it. (2003)
  14. Lightningflash11

    How to make a locked door and able to open it with a key.

    I saw something about this on steam forms, but i followed the instructions over and over for 2 hours and it didn't work. The person who also followed the directions got it to work. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I also want to know how to get rid of a key once its used, but keep the door opened.

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