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  1. dealwithitdewott

    Looking for some help with finding a command for a visual novel plugin.

    Not too long ago I got my hands on a pretty handy plugin for doing visual novels in RPG Maker MV, but the thing is that the dialogue almost always shows up in a NVL format, which for the uninformed is basically when the text takes up the entire screen, usually with a black semi transparent layer...
  2. dealwithitdewott

    Spot Selection plugin for MV?

    Now this may sound like an odd idea but let me explain, if you've played the Danganronpa games or any Ace Attorney game then I'm sure you're aware of this concept, but basically the player would be prompted into viewing a picture that they can interact with by moving a cursor over the image...
  3. dealwithitdewott

    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    I've been testing out my game as of late and one of the maps uses event tiles heavily, however I've hit a roadblock where I also want the map to have random enemy encounters, however it seems that enemy encounters don't spawn on tiles already occupied by events. Is there any workaround to this...
  4. dealwithitdewott

    How can I change a map size to be under the minimum tiles?

    I tried looking in the script but I couldn't find anything that could allow me to go under 17 tiles on a map. Is there something I'm missing here or is there a specific script I need to make this work?

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