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  1. Red Metal

    Vlue's Advanced Time Help...

    Hello again. Yep, I have another issue that needs correcting; I recently had a go at installing Vlue's advanced time script, I managed to get my game to run in real time and have been messing around with lighting. I like the look of Victor Sant's shade script. Now... I'm trying to get...
  2. Red Metal

    Theo Allen's Side Battle System Problem...

    Hey all, Another recent problem I ran into; I'm thinking about using Theo Allen's Side Battle scripts for VX Ace, looks awesome. The problem is that when I use the Unlimited Resolution script with it I get a freeze error when moving from map to map that says "stack too deep". I've had a little...
  3. Red Metal


    Ain't it funny how as soon as some half-clever loser comes up with such dribble, it's all you ever seem to hear? "Hangry"... Yeah, I see the link and logic to it, even sort of like the stupid saying, but it fails to compute as original, unique, or an individual thought process the more I hear...
  4. Red Metal

    Triple Triad Hi Res

    Hello all. I have been tinkering with a demo for years now based on scripts created by Raizen for a Triple Triad based game. I forget everyone involved writing this script but I know others including Sixth contributed towards the scripts I'm working with. So firstly, thank you all so much for...

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