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  1. ValentinaSama67

    Need help to make my Farm/Planting system

    Hello people!
  2. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV Addon to Yanfly's Item Synthesis for category separation

    Hey folks! I need help with something. I am planning to use Yanfly's Item Synthesis for the crafting/cooking aspects of my game. However I realized that the plugin does not allow me to, for example, open a menu/window only for item synthesis (in my game it would allow cooking) and another only...
  3. ValentinaSama67

    People from other countries, where do you post your finished/demo game?

    Hii, I decided to ask around here, maybe someone who's first language isn't English, might be able to help me. I'm organizing for a game I'm making right now, and since I made good progress, I wanted to know where I can post my game in its original language (Brazillian Portuguese). I'm...
  4. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV Need a custom menu plugin or a plugin that could help me make a menu

    Hello! [EDITED THE POST SO IT HAS MORE INFO!] I've been searching for a while but, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, and that is: A plugin for RM MV that could help me make a menu with the faces popping out of the LVL, HP, and MP bars gauges (which are separated by a window of their...
  5. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV A weird compatibility issue with ICFSoft and Yanfly

    Hello people! I won't talk too much but I'm testing some things for a future project and decided to add a few new parameters to my game. I'm very fond of using Yanfly's Plugins and decided to add them to my game along with ICFSoft's plugins for new parameters. I did everything right but when I...
  6. ValentinaSama67

    Fighting or Talking to win (with a twist)?

    Soo, I've been working on a prototype and I noticed that, even though I like turn-based combat with a lot of strategies involved, I also like the "let's talk this through" approach that undertale has. And I wanted to implement both in my battles as equal ways to win. But the problem comes when I...
  7. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV You and Me - Conection

    Me and You - Connection Introduction to Project Hello! My name's Valentina but I'd prefer if you called me Val! I have come today with a project I'm finally concentrating on: Me and You - Connection. It's a short game about friendship, forgiveness, and not the main focus but just as important...
  8. ValentinaSama67

    Need some clothing for Tall Sprites! [RMMV]

    Hello! I've been working on my game and I tried spriting the clothing below for Tonbi's Tall Sprites, but I failed miserably, so I decided to come here and ask if someone could make sprites out of these clothes. (only the TV sprites [walking sprites]) Resource Type: Clothing for 4 directional...
  9. ValentinaSama67

    Terrax Lighting Issue!

    So, I was making some maps and decided to put some lighting effects with Terrax lighting, and, for some extremely odd reason... This happened: I'm not sure why, since this never happened before to me. Here's how my plugins are organized: If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me, I'd...
  10. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV "Magical" Boy/Girl based game

    Strings of Fate (name may change) Is the name of a project I've been kind of working on, I got a few world building details, sprites and mechanics thought through, however, I'd like to receive some feedback on what I've already established. (most names might/will change in the future, so don't...
  11. ValentinaSama67

    Val's few RMMV Stuffs

    Hello~~ I decided to post some of the stuff that I did for my projects, so other people may use it. For now there's only busts, but there may be more in the future. T.O.S You must credit me: ValentinaSama66 or Valentina H. You're not allowed to repost without my permission. You're not allowed...
  12. ValentinaSama67

    A dress for a Goddess (MV)

    Hello! I noticed that a character for my game needed some special clothing since she's a VERY important character. So I need: Resource Type: Character Walking (TV) Clothing and Headpiece. The dress is supposed to fit the normal MV character template, however I wanted the dress to be bigger than...
  13. ValentinaSama67

    Special Female Monk Clothes

    Hello! I decided to post here my request since I'm terrible at pixel art and sprite editing... (even though I like drawing) Resource Type: Character and Battler Clothing (no need to fit the generator, I just need the sprites) Maker Format: Rpg Maker MV Art Style: MV RTP Style Description: I...
  14. ValentinaSama67

    Moghunter's WeatherEx Problem

    So, I was working on some cutscenes for my game and I needed to add some embers to the map since it was on fire. However, once I added Moghunter's plugin to my list and made the Plugin Command, this is the error I got: Here's my Event setup and my Plugin list order. (I had no prior problems...
  15. ValentinaSama67

    Yanfly's Hide/Show shop items problem

    So, I just reached the point in my game where I decided to use this plugin to hide certain items from the shops. I've added the notetags as listed in the plugin's help file. However, once I test played it, in the shop menu, the only item that shouldn't be hidden, is hidden. Here's what the...
  16. ValentinaSama67

    Val's Bust Graphic Workshop

    Hello! My name's Val (or Valentina as my username suggests) And since I've got a little bit of free time in my hands, I've decided to use my skills to help those who need it! :Terms and descriptions: As you must have noticed I do Bust Graphics! And that's what I'm offering in this workshop...
  17. ValentinaSama67

    Little problem with Galv - MessageBackgrounds

    Hi! So, I was testing some stuff for my new project, and I made my own message images to go along with Galv's MessageBackgrounds. When I had only one file "msgimg_0.png", it worked fine and showed the image normally. But when I added the other two files "msgimg_1.png" and "msgimg_2.png" the...
  18. ValentinaSama67

    Gryphon Walking Sprite

    Hi! I've been making a short game, and I wanted to know if anybody had a Gryphon Walking Sprite... Here's the info: Resource Type: Character Sprite Maker Format: Rpg Maker MV Art Style: Similar to the RTP style of MV Description: I've been looking for a Gryphon Sprite similar to Hiddenone's...
  19. ValentinaSama67

    Yanfly Action Sequence problem?

    Hi! So let me get straight to the point; I was going to play test some action sequences that I got from Drifwood Gaming and some I got from this thread. When I suddenly got this error; I don't know what happened since the Action sequence did not even start. I thought It might have been only...
  20. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV The Quest - Idea for a game

    Hello! I'm just passing by to show my game idea in hopes of getting feedback. I only have a few maps made for the project, but I do have a little notion of which direction I want it to follow. So here comes; Working title; The quest Characters; Note; I will be using the "default" characters...

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