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  1. M.I.A.

    Harold in RMMZ Style (SV_Actor)?

    Hey All! I know I've seen an RMMZ version of Harold's walking sprite... but is there an RMMZ version of his SV_Actor? (Yes, I am aware that one could just use the RMMV version, but I'd love for him to match RMMZ style) Thanks in advance! -MIA
  2. M.I.A.

    RMMV - Actor3_7 Clothing/Generator (No Hood) [[SOLVED]]

    Hello All! I have been using my best Search-Fu and have come up empty.. I could have sworn I'd seen it somewhere.. If someone could help me find it? And if it doesn't exist, I'd like to request: Actor3_7's Clothing (no hood), Either Generator parts or just the Clothing itself.. Reference...
  3. M.I.A.

    [SOLVED] Comic "POW" Animation Request - [RMMV]

    Hello Gamer Makers! I am requesting a simple(?) Battle Animation of a classic comic "POW!" splash. Ideally I'd like it in 3 parts: - One that's just POW! - The "bang" - And other decorations in the background.. See image as reference. Thanks in advanced!! :) -MIA
  4. M.I.A.

    [SOLVED] Sunglasses converted to States overlay - [RMMV]

    Hello Everyone. I am hoping someone can help me out.. I'd like to convert the Sunglasses from the Generator into a States overlay so that "Blind" status would put the Sunglasses over the Actors eyes, and I just can't get them to line up right.. Below is an example of what I mean: I'd like to...
  5. M.I.A.

    Item Use as "Weapon Sheet" - RMMV ((SOLVED))

    Hello Everyone! I had an idea for my main project: Items as Weapons (of sorts)! I'd like to use Yanfly's Action Sequences for when Items are used in battle, but I can't for the life of me get the Weapon Sheet to line up properly... Ideally, I'd like the first frame of the Item to be...
  6. M.I.A.

    RMMV - Generator Hats - Leprechaun & Robin Hood

    Hello All! I realize this may be a large request, but I feel this is a good request. Would anybody be interested in creating Generator versions of these two hats? Leprechaun (Green, flat top [or bowler top] with a buckle and yellow rim, no clover though) and Robin Hood's hat (Pointed, green...
  7. M.I.A.

    Where Can I Get These Trees? ((SOLVED))

    I've seen them around.. and in games.. but I can't remember where or how to find them?.. I could be wrong. Perhaps I've never seen them before in my life.. :P Thanks in advanced! -MIA
  8. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Mini-Mapping Challenge

    Hello Game Makers! I've finally got my tiles set all sorted for my main project.. and I wanted to do some practices with mapping with them. So, here's what I'll do.. Make a suggestion for a map. Almost anything (except modern/science)!! And I will attempt to make a 10x17 (or smaller) map to...
  9. M.I.A.

    No Music, Just Ambient Sounds?

    So.. I am curious.. Would YOU play an RPG that didn't have any Music at all, but it did however use Sound Effects to create an atmosphere? I find music in video games obnoxious. Especially in many RPGs since they reuse the same tracks sometimes for Dungeons, Battle, Victory, and so on...
  10. M.I.A.

    [SOLVED]: Icon Modification/Refine - [RMMV]

    I am trying to combine two icons: The RTP Blank Greyed box, and a white silhouette of Avery's Dragonfly icon.. This is what I've come up with: What I'd like is if someone could just touch it up a little bit (faded pixels) to make it blend in with RTP style a little more.. Like this: Silly...
  11. M.I.A.

    Request: Flying/Mobile (In Battle) Companion Pet [RMMV]

    Hello, I am looking to create a Class that has a Companion Pet in battle, that mostly just flies/walks around at random, but then occasionally, can perform 1 or 2 actions under certain conditions. In this link: You will see Nall, the flying baby dragon, who floats around in battle. At 9:37...
  12. M.I.A.

    Request: Battle Animation - Rainbow Beam [RMMV]

    Hello, I am looking for a simple Rainbow Beam Battle Animation.. Ideally, I'd like for the Beam to slant at a 45degree angle, maintain a constant width across (not spread out), and include the ROYGBIV. I'm certain I can make a single cell work for my purposes.. but if anybody wants to go crazy...
  13. M.I.A.

    Request: Autotile "Inside" Pipe (RMMV)

    Hello!! I a working on a small piece of a project where the player controls a small animal to navigate inside pipes (similar to Robotrek).. Unfortunately, I haven't come across anything that quite works.. so.. I request!! :) Resource Type: Tiles (Autotile) Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RTP...
  14. M.I.A.

    Request: Tumbleweed Character for Rpg Maker MV

    Hmm.. I'm not seeing one already available.. Is anybody interested in making one? Just 3 frames would suffice. RTP Style preferred.. If one already exists.. please point me in the direction of it? Thanks!! -MIA
  15. M.I.A.

    Target Practice (Archery) Stand Tileset - RMMV [[SOLVED]]

    Hmm, perhaps my search fu is weak, but I can't seem to find one. Requesting a Tile Set Add-On. I'd love a Target Practice (Archery) Stand. Preference: 48pixels wide (max) by 72pixels tall (-ish). Colors: Just red & White, on a wooden stand. Style: RTP Style Facing(s): Facing straight...
  16. M.I.A.

    M.I.A.'s Creations & Edits (Updated 03JUL22) - Apple Kid

    So, I've been doing some edits lately.. and I said to myself: "Self, why create a new thread for each Resource? You should start your own Thread!!" Here it is!! My Creations, Edits, and Shared Paid Commissions Thread. Terms of Use are listed below. SV Weapon(s)...
  17. M.I.A.

    SV Weapon: Syringe

    Hey RPG Maker'er's. Below is a SV Weapon of a Syringe. It's just an edit from @Yanfly's Icon Sheet turned sideways. Use "Thrust" configuration (as though it were a Spear). Perfect for Yanfly's Tips & Tricks: Collect and Inject Ailments. Credit would be cool, but not necessary. Free...
  18. M.I.A.

    SOLVED: Bean Stalk Tiles (RMMV)

    Hey Everybody! I thought I recalled seeing a Bean Stalk tileset for MV.. perhaps I am wrong, and perhaps my Search-Fu is not very good this evening..  But I would like to request a Bean Stalk add-on for RMMV. Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: ...
  19. M.I.A.

    Need help naming Thief skill set! [[SOLVED]]

    I have a Thief class whose skills are as varied as they are effective.. but I'm having a hard time coming up with a name for the Skill type. Some of the skills include: -Steal -Backstab -Evade -Throw (items, weapons, etc.) -Taunt ... for aesthetic reasons, the Skill type...
  20. M.I.A.

    Train Track Edit/Fix (RTP Mine Track Edit)

    So, here's the RTP Mine cart Track edited to address the complaints from the Season Pass DLC 3 Train Tileset "depth" issue. It really took but a few seconds, and it;s not perfect.. but it should suffice. It's an edit of the RTP, but you could basically edit the DLC track to the same...

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