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  1. ScytheX

    RMMZ VisuStella MZ Class Change System error

    so i'm testing some VisuStella plugins and i was mees with the class change plugin, mainly the subclass function however when i add a subclass i get an error here does anyone know how to fix this or whats causing it? i haven't change or add anything that i think would cause this i just added...
  2. ScytheX

    RMMZ important question about importing and/or re-makeing yanfly mv plugins to mz / making add-ons for visustella

    so to start off, yes i'm aware of what happened with yanflys plugins and my intentions are not to have a repeat of that or cause any kind plf problems which is why i'm making this thread. i wanted to see if its ok to have them self ported to MZ, the reason why i ask is because the current...
  3. ScytheX

    RMMZ looking for field skill and/or monster book for RMMV and RMMZ

    1. are there any field skill plugins for mv and/or mz? kind of like this in the links below. they don't have to be 100% just like this but pretty close to it 2. are there any good monster books/bestiary's plugins for mv and/or mz? there was...
  4. ScytheX

    need help witha moded script [Mode 7/Vehicle interiors]

    hello i'm making this to see if anyone would be willing to help me out with a mod script or remake one i'm using mixed mod that uses both MVC's mode 7 Script and CSCA's Vehicle Interiors links down below the modded versions that i'm using down below in text files. Original unmodded versions...
  5. ScytheX

    about RPG Maker MZ sale on steam

    so MZ is on sale and i'm thinking about getting it. mainly the big bundle that is 133$, i was wondering is it worth getting now or should i wait for most stuff yes or no?
  6. ScytheX

    Searching for compatible CTB script and/or requesting one

    so i'v been trying to fine a good CTB script to use for my game but most are dead and/or don't work with yanfly's scripts like the. the most resent one i tried was Yami's PCTB script but i got some weird errors. i get this error when ever i switch a character in battle: i get this one...
  7. ScytheX

    can anyone revive KMS Generic Gauge Compatibility Patches?

    hi i was wondering if anyone if your not busy and/or interested could you remake the old patches that Mr. Bubble use to have. you can't get them anymore because they site that they where on died ages ago. so only the original remains, so could someone restore the patches or atleast a few...
  8. ScytheX

    looking for help with advanced-yea-status script ( VX ACE )

    hello can some one help me figure something out with a script? i'm trying to install a new menu script and i have all of the latest's versions and everything i need how ever when ever i run it it says i don't have the highest version of "BM - Base" script to use the script. thought i'm pretty...
  9. ScytheX

    looking for animations and/or pre made ones

    ok so to start let me say that i SUCK at making new animations. i can edit already made ones in to something new. but starting from scratch.....yeah no....i just freezes up. i know it might sound lasy but is there a pack or game that has some animations that i can use?that would really help...
  10. ScytheX

    question about buying plugins.

    would anyone happen to know what the price range for buying a plugin? specify how much would a menu and/or H.U.D. (HP, MP, TP, Bars ) and if asked would it be to make them where they are compatible with other plugins?
  11. ScytheX

    price check for face sets?

    how much do people mostly charge for them? i know everyone is different but i just want a average price
  12. ScytheX

    question about Yanfly's engine script variables (ACE)

    how do i use variables for this? everyone i asked are like "use Variables" i'm like "what is that?" (because i forgot at the time) a friend showed and i go "oooooh that!........ok and then what?" like i don't understand the processes of this and everyone acts like i know it. if i did i wouldn't...
  13. ScytheX

    Low hp colors

    is there a way to make hp change color's at multiple levels? like at 50% hp its yellow and at 25% its orange also i'm using yanfly's core script. not sure if that means anything ether
  14. ScytheX

    MOG's Burst mode

    to anyone who has ever used this i need to know a few things. 1. is there a way to increase the number needed to enter burst mode and/or the EX bar 2. how do i set up the EX skills for this? 3. is there a way to make the EX skill command (...
  15. ScytheX

    need help with Hime's feature conditions

    has anyone ever used this before? when i put it on and don't do anything it cancels out all of the stats in the features tab i was going to just set the note tages but that would mean i'd have to do them for EVERYTHING! DX can anyone help?
  16. ScytheX

    weapon/item icon price check

    whats the lowest to highest for icons?
  17. ScytheX

    "Disposed bitmap" error's with MOG's scripts.

    can anyone tell me how to fix this problem that i'm having in 3 scripts. from what i'm told it acts like the image or object to that script is not there and/or counts it as not impotent or something like that. so my game keeps crashing because of this. what do i have to do to stop this? the...
  18. ScytheX

    MOG Boss HP Meter

    has anyone ever mess with the settings in this mod? i need to find a way to make the hp numbers longer. they cut off as seen in the image below and when i try to edit them they just clip in front of the "HP" text and even then they still don't fine because the number is too long and before you...
  19. ScytheX

    adding commands to Galv's menu

    if anyone has mess with this scripte before would you know how to add other menu options to this? i tried adding one (with what i thought/think was the right call command to use ) but i keep getting errors. also if you happen to know are there any comparability errors/limitations that i should...
  20. ScytheX

    about yanfly Core Engine

    has hand worked with alor of Yanfly's plugins? i was trying to as some plugins but i got some errors i thought i was adding to many plugins at the same time so i tryed just loading the main Core. but i keep getting an error that says the following TypeError Failed to execute 'getImageData' on...

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