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  1. marino13

    RMMV Timed Attack core Problem

    Hey there, I'm using SumRndmDde's Plugin Timed attack core in which a graphic and a cursor is used to determine the power of an attack depending on the timing of your press. The plugin works fine with installation and calculations and such but I seem to have some problem with the damage...
  2. marino13

    RMMV AZE-RPG (a World of Warcraft demake)

    Introducing AZE-RPG AZE-RPG is a demake of the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft, aiming to emulate the gameplay and feel but with the 2d Game maker aesthetic. The game currently utilises basic RPG maker MV sprite work and tilesets with a goal to slowly change them once I'm able to pay a proper pixel...

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