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  1. Jack Saintsworth

    Map cutoff issue

    Hello everyone. Has anyone experienced something similar to this? Am I doing something wrong? In the screenshots, the first is my map in the editor. As you can see, I'm scrolled as far left as I can go. But in-game, there is an extra tile space on that side of the map that is blank.
  2. Jack Saintsworth

    Jack's Generator Additions

    So, I plan to release my generator additions that I make for myself here, for everyone else to use. All of these can be used freely in any way you wish. Commercial or non-commercial. As usual, Just credit Jack Saintsworth. I also take requests, but since they're free I wouldn't expect them in a...
  3. Jack Saintsworth

    Pause the timer

    Hello all, Just wondering if someone could make a script that causes the timer to pause during battle, or maybe even one that includes a Script Call that can pause the timer. Thanks a ton in advance :)
  4. Jack Saintsworth

    Setting variables to Event coordinates

    Greetings! I was just wonder what the syntax would be in a script call to set a variable to an events X-coordinate or Y-coordinate. I had the similar code for RMVX used a few times, but I am not good with scripting and am not sure how to do this in MV. Thanks for any help~
  5. Jack Saintsworth

    Any way to do moving Fog?

    So does anyone know of any way to do moving fogs yet, like RPG Makers past? I think there were a few scripts for that for VX Ace, but I'm wondering if maybe I'm missing some method for doing it.
  6. Jack Saintsworth

    How to add custom Character Generator content?

    Now that I've had some time to tinker with RMMV (awesome so far btw :D ) I am curious as to how adding custom content to the character Generator works. I see a lot of files, and I've added in some of my own files to the generator folders, but they don't seem to be showing up in the character...

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