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  1. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    You just saved me a lot of trouble. My ignorance on the matter is apparent. Thank you for clarifying. I saw in a previous post that in order to best understand programming, you need to focus on logic structures, otherwise you run the risk of knowing tricks without understanding reason. I'm sure...
  2. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    This was tremendously helpful, thank you for taking the time and helping me understand how to use states to imitate a script call. I am not too familiar with Java; yet I am trying to exercise the programming part of my brain. For now I will use the engine while I attempt to understand java...
  3. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    Hello World, Forgive me if this question has already been answered, I am new to RPG Maker. I am trying to use Variables and Common Events to accomplish a monster evolution event using an item that calls on a common event. In the common event, I am trying to have logic get the SELECTED party...

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