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  1. MasqueradeJacker

    Enabling Yanfly's Smart Jump Only At Certain Points

    Is there a way to make Yanfly's Smart Jump only available at a certain part on my game? For example, I don't want the players to be able to jump all through out my game, from beginning to end, I only want the players to be able to use the button command to jump over stuff on a certain mission...
  2. MasqueradeJacker

    RPG Maker MV Tint Screen Except Parallax Background

    [UPDATE: Problem solved] The solution is down the bottom of this page! Is there a way to tint the screen of the game, both events and tiles, but not tinting the parallax background? For example: Here lays the default tileset of RPG Maker MV with a custom parallax background, overall...
  3. MasqueradeJacker

    RPG Maker MV Medieval Warfare Resource

    Hi guys, I've just purchased Medieval: Warfare by PVGames for RPG Maker MV and I've been trying to figure out how to get the tile sets to work as well as the character sprites. I was wondering if there are any further guides addressing this package. When I unzipped the folder, the note told...

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