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  1. GuipenguinTheMaster

    GuipenguinTheMaster's Stuff (Art, Music, etc.)

    This thread is for posting the Art and Music i make!
  2. GuipenguinTheMaster

    RMMV Minus Memory (Religious Content Warning)

    I'm unsure if i should post this here or in "Games in Development", but anyway, here's my ideas: Minus Memory will be a 4 Player Co-op Japanese-Style Turn Based RPG with a few twists. For one, the game will be open world, so you can explore any of the 7 interconnected levels in any order you...
  3. GuipenguinTheMaster

    Should i make One or Two routes?

    I'm making my first game, and i want it to be acessible to people not that familiar with games, as it is meant as sort of a board game-like coop family game. I'm thinking about making two routes: one with a Male protagonist and one with a Female protagonist, each one having different content...
  4. GuipenguinTheMaster


    I've alredy made a few posts, but i think haven't made a full thread like this yet (at least not one that's not deleted lol). So yeah, my name is GuipenguinTheMaster and i draw and play video/card/board games (and make them!) in my spare time. Nice to meet you guys!

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