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  1. dealwithitdewott

    Looking for some help with finding a command for a visual novel plugin.

    Not too long ago I got my hands on a pretty handy plugin for doing visual novels in RPG Maker MV, but the thing is that the dialogue almost always shows up in a NVL format, which for the uninformed is basically when the text takes up the entire screen, usually with a black semi transparent layer...
  2. dealwithitdewott

    Spot Selection plugin for MV?

    Now this may sound like an odd idea but let me explain, if you've played the Danganronpa games or any Ace Attorney game then I'm sure you're aware of this concept, but basically the player would be prompted into viewing a picture that they can interact with by moving a cursor over the image...
  3. dealwithitdewott

    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    Bughunting? Is that like going through the script and looking for whats wrong? Even if I did have coding knowledge, I'm afraid there might not be anything wrong with the code. I've copied the script from a demo the script's creator had made, and the script worked fine in the demo. I had also...
  4. dealwithitdewott

    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    Well the map I'm working on uses a minimap script that doesn't seem to function as I intend it to, the icons that are supposed to show up for tiles aren't so I have to put in commands on events for each tile just to get that function working. I'll admit that the process is rather impractical and...
  5. dealwithitdewott

    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    I'm not using any scripts for the enemy encounters, I meant "spawn" as in when a random encounter occurs. Perhaps I could have worded that better, but you should get the point now, random enemy encounters aren't working when I have my characters walk on event tiles basically.
  6. dealwithitdewott

    Any possible scripts that would allow for random enemy encounters on event tiles?

    I've been testing out my game as of late and one of the maps uses event tiles heavily, however I've hit a roadblock where I also want the map to have random enemy encounters, however it seems that enemy encounters don't spawn on tiles already occupied by events. Is there any workaround to this...
  7. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    Actually, I believe I fixed it. I was testing this on an old save file. I tried doing it on a new save file and it now works perfectly. Thanks for all the help, I really needed it!
  8. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    202 in the script is just how you put it, I don't see anything wrong with it. As for the events, no there aren't any events present. The map is the test map that comes with Marta and the one used in the demo (albeit without the events present).
  9. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    Good news is that I've managed to get it to export by doing what you did. The map now appears in VX Ace, only issue is that I get an error when I try to test the map during a playtest, the game crashes with this.
  10. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    When you say subfolder, you mean like having all of the Marta files a file for your project? How did you get that to work by chance? As for the scripts and ddl file, I've gotten all of them from the demo's files, so they're there.
  11. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    Since the RGSS-Factory link was kinda dead I had to use wayback machine in order to be able to access the download links.
  12. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    It doesn't seem that any of the names for the maps I have include special characters like you said, and to make sure I also checked the project I was exporting to see if it had any special characters either (even though i'm pretty sure the exporting issue isn't with the projects i'm selecting)...
  13. dealwithitdewott

    How to use MGC's FPLE

    Hey, I don't know if this will get any attention or not since it seems that this thread hasn't been active for a while, but I was recently trying out the map editor that comes with this script and for whatever reason, the program seems to close out every time i try to export something. Nothing...
  14. dealwithitdewott

    How can I change a map size to be under the minimum tiles?

    I tried looking in the script but I couldn't find anything that could allow me to go under 17 tiles on a map. Is there something I'm missing here or is there a specific script I need to make this work?

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