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  1. Acidicjester

    Need help with variables | Discord call

    Hi community I hope you're all doing well. I've run into something that I'm pretty sure i'm overlooking but can't seem to understand. Typically in these posts I'll usually drop screenshots and a big lengthy description with my issue but my event page looks like a hot mess. So actually if anyone...
  2. Acidicjester

    [SOLVED] Please help.

    So I know the title is a little "out there" but I've run into an out of the blue error and I don't know what caused it. I literally changed nothing since I launched the editor yesterday. My game is hitting me with the bug report after someone is damaged in battle and I have TONIGHT to finish...
  3. Acidicjester

    [SOLVED] Change actor control/NPC possesion?

    Hi forums I hope you're all doing well. I've come to a segment in my game where I need the player to take control of a robot. How would I go about this? I'm sure this is something super simple that I'm overlooking but I still have a lot to learn from the engine and was hoping someone had a...
  4. Acidicjester

    RMMV TerraxLighting Flashlight help

    Hello forums! I wanted to see if I could get some assistance with the Terrax Lighting plugin if anyone is familiar. I have a segment of the game where the main character explores a haunted house and it's very dark. The flashlight looks fine and it's good in big rooms but my problem is hallways...
  5. Acidicjester

    [SOLVED]Need assistance with potions per party members[Common Events]

    Heyo community! Been awhile since I posted on here but I wanted to maybe see about solving an issue I'm running into currently with specialized potions. In the project I'm working on I have an area covered in lava pools and smoke and I've made a heat potion to temporarily ignore the effects of...
  6. Acidicjester

    [SOLVED] -Lever Puzzle- (Door Help)

    Here I am again. I kind of wish I didn't have to ask so much questions all the time but I guess practice makes perfect. My problem is that I have a whole bunch of levers that I am trying to get to work as a puzzle. I looked at another topic on this matter and tried pretty much what they...
  7. Acidicjester

    = Slow down vehicles? =

    Hey so I was wondering what I can do to get a vehicle (Ex. boat) to have a lower speed to move slower in general. I went to the Game_Vehicle scripting page and I found this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Initialize Move Speed...
  8. Acidicjester

    Temporary disable cancel key in Choice events?

    I'm trying to figure out how I can temporary disable the cancel key (X, etc) for an event. I have two choices and the cancel key I think is just in the way. Once it is pressed it uses the second option, and if there isnt a second option, it breaks the game due to the autoplay taking place. So...
  9. Acidicjester

    Event Cycle! [Please Help]

    Hey all, so im new to the forums n' stuff and I was kind of needing to know something. I'm working on a small project in RPGMaker VX: Ace and iv'e run into an issue. There is a point in the game where you can jump over the shopkeepers desk and take all the stuff in the back (For giggles xD). My...

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