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  1. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Red font in the RPG Maker Central forum

    I've noticed that sometimes the icon and text in the RPG Maker Central forum will be red: However, other times the icon and text will look normal. I know that the green icon means that there was a new thread/new response in that subforum, and that the grayish-green means there wasn't anything...
  2. Sleepy Kitten Games

    [MV/MZ] Editor scaling weirdly on new laptop

    So I recently got a new laptop, after my old one started having numerous problems. I noticed that, on this new laptop, MV's UI seems to not be entirely sure how it's supposed to display while MZ's map is scaled up slightly (resulting in tiles being displayed as 60x60 rather than 48x48)...
  3. Sleepy Kitten Games

    I don't know what to charge for map commissions

    I will soon be able to take commissions for maps (in fact, this all started because someone approached me out of the blue to ask about commissioning maps from me). However, I have no idea what to charge for the maps. I've asked different people for their opinions on what they feel like my maps...
  4. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Ys 9 is coming to the west next year!

    Woke up earlier today to the news that 1) Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is coming to the west in 2021, 2) it'll be on PS4, Switch, and Steam, and 3) there's preorders for a limited edition available for both Switch and PS4. I placed a preorder for the Switch limited edition, and now I get to excitedly...
  5. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Problems with Enigma Virtual Box

    I recently submitted a game to a game jam, and I used Enigma Virtual Box to make this game into one executable file. However, a few times people have told me that they were unable to load saves they'd made. They were able to create saves just fine, but attempting to load saves either didn't work...
  6. Sleepy Kitten Games

    How to make maps using QMap

    This tutorial covers my method of making maps using QMap. This is not the "only" or "right" way, this is just my method. For those not familiar with QMap, it's an external map editing tool that lets you define collision for the map objects as well as conditions. It is made to work with...
  7. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Unable to add more images to my thread

    I am trying to create a tutorial thread, however I am unable to upload any more images to said thread. This is a problem, because I want to have images accompanying my tutorial, both for the purpose of the tutorial being useful for visual learners, and for the purpose of breaking up the text so...
  8. Sleepy Kitten Games

    001 Game Creator?

    I was browsing through the Steam Store, seeing what all it would recommend I check out, when I came across a program called "001 Game Creator". At first I thought nothing of it, until I noticed that part of the promotional material (namely the video and the image it uses in the informational...
  9. Sleepy Kitten Games

    File Name Changed, MV Throwing Error [Solved]

    Engine/Version: RPG Maker MV, version 1.5.0 I changed a .ogg file's name recently, then went to the map that is supposed to play that .ogg file and told it to look for the new name rather than the old one. However, when I start up the game, it throws an error, saying it can't load the old file...
  10. Sleepy Kitten Games

    TRADE Looking for a Sprite Artist - Willing to make maps in return

    Edit 7/25/16: As of today, we are no longer looking for a composer for Torn Skies. We have selected a composer for this role, @Mario Parmesan! Thank you to everyone who showed interest! Edit 3/8/20: As of today, we are no longer looking for a scripter! Our current project, Torn Skies, is being...
  11. Sleepy Kitten Games

    [RMMV] Ladders in a Parallaxed Map?

    I've recently begun going through my game and remaking the maps using parallax mapping, and I've stumbled upon something that I don't quite know how to do. In my map, I have a vine that the player would use to climb up a cliff to get to the next area. The vine, which is 3 tiles tall, isn't...
  12. Sleepy Kitten Games

    RMMZ Dawn of Shadows I: Torn Skies

    A strange world with strange inhabitants, and an ancient evil within that world. Might you be the key to defeating that evil? DISCLAIMER: Torn Skies does include some profanity, references to alcohol/drugs, as well as some discussion of religion. While these are not the main focus of the...
  13. Sleepy Kitten Games

    [RPG Maker MV] Looping Parallel Common Event?

    Hello, I am attempting to use Yanfly's Button Common Event plugin to help me make an evented torch, as neither Terrax's nor Orange's worked for me, and it seems that both of those overwrite the tints of the maps when they're enabled. I've successfully set this up so that an image follows...
  14. Sleepy Kitten Games

    GamePad Addon for QuasiABS

    Hello, I'd like to request a gamepad addon to Quasi's ABS plugin. Many people have asked Quasi about whether QuasiABS will eventually have support for gamepad, and unfortunately Quasi has said that it will not, as he does not have a gamepad to test it with. Instead of trying to pester Quasi...
  15. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Character Generator Not Working

    I recently had an issue with MV where I (stupidly) forgot to make a backup of the Generator files, which had addons from the forums, before getting the 1.1 update. Ever since that update, I've been having some issues with the Generator where either the Male or Female side wouldn't show up...
  16. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Map Transfer Crashing?

    I've been working on this game for a while, but a couple days ago an error randomly started occurring. I have a transfer event set up so that the player exits a cave and comes to a map where they're standing in a semi-open field. This map has worked perfectly fine before, but now it's not...
  17. Sleepy Kitten Games

    TP Mechanic?

    A while ago, I asked if the processing for tp could be changed a bit so that, instead of increasing each time the player's hit, it'd decrease. (The post is here.) I had almost had it working, with just a few issues to work out, when my copy of VX Ace stopped working. (Note to self: Don't mess...
  18. Sleepy Kitten Games

    Potential TP Mechanic?

    Hello, I've been trying to see if this mechanic would work: The player starts at 100 TP. Each time an enemy attacks, their TP goes down (at the same rate as it goes up by default). When they hit 0 TP, they'll gain access to a skill that they can only see when they're at 0 TP. They use the...

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