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  1. Another Fen

    RMMV Only IIFEs allowed at top level of plug-in source file - guideline or hard rule?

    Since everyone mentions it: One of the first instances I saw a plugin use an IIFE was the EnemyBook plugin bundled with the RMMV. And yes, if you like the plugin but maybe you want to also display another line, or move the enemy graphic a bit, there is no way to access either the Scene or the...
  2. Another Fen

    RMMV Only IIFEs allowed at top level of plug-in source file - guideline or hard rule?

    I'm no authority on this topic with limited Javascript knowledge, so others may give you better advice here, but my few cents: Generally, I don't know of a way that would allow one to enforce this rule, and in some cases you may actually want to establish variables that other plugins may...
  3. Another Fen

    Default experience calculation in RPGM VXA...

    The savestate saves both the actors level and exp separately. If both are no longer consistent, you'd have to make a choice: If you want to keep an actors level intact, you could use something like actor.change_exp(actor.current_level_exp) if actor.exp < actor.current_level_exp...
  4. Another Fen

    Can I play the game I made after the RPG marker free trial has expired?

    You should find what you need in the MV installation folder, alternatively. You can copy the "nwjs-win" folder (if you are using Windows) and copy the contents of your project folder (not the folder itself) into its "www" subfolder.
  5. Another Fen

    Default experience calculation in RPGM VXA...

    Not sure if this is the issue, but the method determines the breakpoint for total exp needed to reach a certain level, not the increase from one level to the next. You can get a complex result if you take a negative number to the power of a non-integer (often taking the square root).
  6. Another Fen

    "Main Menu Manager" in battle (Resolved)

    As mentioned in the thread, you still have to update the files of your old project yourself: If you are not sure which version your project is using, you can use this script call to see it (assuming you haven't partially replaced your files): alert(Utils.RPGMAKER_VERSION) A bit unrelated and...
  7. Another Fen

    "Main Menu Manager" in battle (Resolved)

    Depending how old your project is you might be using core script files from before version 1.5.1. According to this change log by Yanfly the isForcedTurn function was introduced with that version. You can find the updated MV and instructions how to upgrade your project here. Not applicable...
  8. Another Fen

    "Main Menu Manager" in battle (Resolved)

    Recently someone mentioned this plugin in a thread, and it at least sounds like what you are looking for: Ninjapons Common Event Party Commands I don't know if it will be compatible, but chances are you have to place it above Yanflys In-Battle-Status at least. (Edit: The original mention was here)
  9. Another Fen

    Is it possible to check if a certain Plugin in the "Plugin List" is Turned on or off?

    The plugin settings are loaded through the "js/plugins.js" file, you can see how the structure is set up there. For example, you can use $plugins[0].status in your project to check if the first plugin in the list is enabled (true) or disabled (false). The plugins themselves are loaded...
  10. Another Fen

    Custom formula if a variable = x

    The rest was supposed to be placeholders here. I still don't exactly know how you store/check a characters race exactly, but if you use, for example, actors 1 to 10, and store their races in variables 21 to 30, and every enemy you meet has race 3, then the complete statement could look like...
  11. Another Fen

    RMMV How to load different pictures inside a window depending on chosen save file?

    Hey, Savestate info is stored in two ways. You have the saves file itself which contains all the data needed to load the savestate, and you have the "global info" file which contains a slice of every savestate used to display the info in your selection window without having to load the entire...
  12. Another Fen

    RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    An alternative could be to give your NPC a move route they can never finish (like a long wait and/or just having the NPC look at the player on repeat). The route will take precedent over autonomous movement and you can end the move route at any time by replacing it with an empty one.
  13. Another Fen

    Can i put Self Switches inside a common event?

    Calling "Common Event" has often the same effect as if you copied the contents of your common event: Your event will pause, execute the common event and once it is finished resume with its own commands. It is mainly useful if you have event code that you use multiple times that has a...
  14. Another Fen

    Can i put Self Switches inside a common event?

    One exception would be if you use "Call Common Event" though. In this case the common event call will inherit "this event" and the designation of self switches from the event that called it, and related event commands would work just as fine as if you used them in the original event directly...
  15. Another Fen

    RMMV JS Calc & Plugin Help

    Hey, Since you are using a script call anyway to get the weight in the HUD Maker, you probably should be able to add your rounding to that: ${Math.round(10 * GetCurrentWeight()) / 10} or ${GetCurrentWeight().toFixed(1)} A lot of fractions like 1/10 need rounding when stored as a binary decimal...
  16. Another Fen

    Is it possible to search between these values instead of a flat value?

    Hey, The script does not seem to support this by default. The && and || operators will not help you here, like mathematical operators they are used to calculate a result. 1 || 6 is equal to writing 1 here, 1 && 6 is equal to writing 6. 1..6 could help if the script would support ranges here...
  17. Another Fen

    Change/reverse charact directions

    As said, I made a mistake and kind of forgot some interactions when making the loop suggestion, so it does not add much utility. A simple fix could just look like this though:
  18. Another Fen

    Change/reverse charact directions

    Uh, woops, sorry for the previous answer, I forgot/remembered some interactions wrong...^^ Generally I would recommend the Conditional Branch solution here. You can extend it to also check if the player would normally be allowed to make a move (something I forgot in the last post): If : Script...
  19. Another Fen

    Change/reverse charact directions

    Hey, This happens because if the player is already moving, it will buffer the new move route and execute it once the current move is finished. You can prevent this by either... 1) Putting your four conditional branches into a "Loop" event command and enable "Wait for Completion" in your move...
  20. Another Fen

    Custom formula if a variable = x

    Hey, How exactly are the race variables stored? If the variable is a property of the actor itself you could probably simply use b.race . If you are using the Control Variables event command and assign each actor a variable, you can use b.actorId() to get an actors database ID if you know that...

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