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  1. Kai Monkey

    Dungeons and Dragons ~ The First RPG

    Inspired by topic here, about alternate words for "Magic Attack" and why "Intelligence" tends to be used so much.  The answer to this question, as well as the origin of almost all RPG cliches, is Dungeons and Dragons*- the very first RPG.  As someone who grew up with knowledge of the...
  2. Kai Monkey

    I'll make your scripts in exchange for maps

    Introduction Hi ♫   I am Kaimonkey, and I am offering a trade. Those of you who frequent the RGSS3 boards will recognise me as a Scripter who has been picking up a lot of requests lately. You might also know me for me Random Dungeon Generator, which I want to talk about today:   What can I do...
  3. Kai Monkey

    On Randomly Generated Quests

    Hi! Those of you who frequent the RGSS3 boards may recognized me for my Random Dungeons system. I am currently working on a new system to add on to this: randomly generated quests. The simple concept will be that you will go some kind of "job board" or "quest giver" and you will be given a...
  4. Kai Monkey

    Kai Monkey's Equip Point System

    KaiMonkey's Equip Point System Intro: This script allows you to easily add a new, exciting dynamic to your game. Each piece of equipment requires a certain amount of points to use, and each character only has a certain amount of points at any one time. This creates an interesting dynamic where...
  5. Kai Monkey

    Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two!

    KaiMonkey's Random Dungeons! Version 2 Intro Welcome to Kaimonkey's Random Dungeons. With this script you can have the game randomly produce floor after floor of unique environments for your player to explore. Forest, sewers, caves, mines and more can all be generated, and all options can be...
  6. Kai Monkey

    Kai Monkey's Show Characters in Choice Box

    Kai Monkey's Show Characters in Choice Box Intro Hello ♫ This is just a short little script which allows you to use Character sprites in your choice box's. It's just a small graphical add-on, and it may well have been done before, but I thought it could be useful for anyone who has players...
  7. Kai Monkey

    Kaimonkey's Character Creation with Races (Version THREE Released)!

    Kai Monkey's Character Creation with Races Version 3.0 INTRO Welcome, all, to the third version of Kaimonkey's Character Creation with Races! Now MORE powerful than ever before. Although the script is still plug-in-and-play, a number of feature have been added which, if the user puts in a...

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