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  1. Cipher001

    Fence Tiles Don't Match

    There's probably something simple I'm doing wrong, but the white fence posts (pics below) don't add up. The right angle leading right and down and the right angle leading right and up don't connect. I've tried a bunch of combinations for the right-angled fence tiles, but nothing seems to work...
  2. Cipher001

    Deployment Issues

    I clicked deploy, I excluded unused files, I chose a folder, and nothing playable is created, every time. I've tried right clicking the game and sending it to a compressed zip folder, but that makes basically the same thing. How can I deploy a game so that someone can actually download it? So...
  3. Cipher001

    Center Text

    Hello all. I have Yanfly's Core Engine, Message Core, and Extended pack One for the message core. I know there's a command that you do to center text, but I can't seem to be doing it properly or I haven't found it at all. What is the string of text that centers say, scrolling text and where do I...
  4. Cipher001

    Galv MV Layer Graphics

    Hello all! Can you help me with layering a parallax map so that when I go under a tree, I have the tree mapping go over the character while under the tree or building/anything that needs to go over the character? I'm trying to use the plugin by Galv, Layer Graphics MV. I have my current settings...
  5. Cipher001

    Cutscene issues

    I'm currently trying out a test for an opening cutscene. The problem is, I'm only two weeks into using any sort of RPG product and therefore suffer from lack of experience. I've configured things thus far to run in one autorun event as the two events I had before, one autorun and one parallel...
  6. Cipher001

    Event Errors in a Room

    I'm working on a puzzle themed game. When you enter a door, an event might trigger, locking the doors and starting an event, you might have things to interact with in that room, and when you do something, a certain event should be disabled. Right now, when I enter a room, the events pictured as...
  7. Cipher001

    Shaz's Change Tile Size plugin

    I apologize in advance for not having much experience on this. I downloaded Shaz's ChangeTileSize.js plugin, but seem to be at a loss as what to do to resize my tiles I bought from the Futuristic Tile Pack. Nothing I do works. Shaz says to resize the images in the new folder, for example...
  8. Cipher001

    Text Vs Timer

    I have almost completed the demo version of a game, but there is one problem. It's reliant on a timer, and dialogue/text seems to override any sort of "Game Over" element. I need to be able to cancel that dialogue mid-sentence so that the "Game Over" can activate. It can't just wait until the...
  9. Cipher001

    Starting Point Question

    I have placed my starting position- player on one tile, but it always shows up on the top left tile. Animations always use this spot, etc. What am I doing wrong? I right clicked-- starting posiiton -- player, but it isn't working on that tile. Please help. 
  10. Cipher001

    How do I find my product activation key?

    I purchased RPG Maker MV through steam and can't seem to figure out how to find it again. I need it for support tickets-- I'm having issues with buying from the store-- but I have to know the code to submit a ticket. What do I do?
  11. Cipher001

    Will VX Ace graphic sets work with MV?

    I want to buy the graphics pack: futuristic tiles as it would be perfect for an idea I had, but I read somewhere that it might not work for MV. Is this the case? If so, how can I go about finding similar or even better, identical tilesets for MV? 

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