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  1. Gabriel-Chi

    Size of animation for mv

    I was going to make some animations to use on Sv battles bc most of the ones that come with rpgmmv feel awkward to see mid-fight there's this psot by archea that has the templates but i couldn't find the template for animations, anyone can help me?
  2. Gabriel-Chi

    Glowing Shroom

    Resource Type: (Characters) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: As much RTP possible Description: I want 2 mushrooms, for sticking into walls and to the ground in dungeons 1- Glowshroom(no creativity) it is blue-ish and has little white stripes, i wanted one version on the ground that has 3...
  3. Gabriel-Chi

    Cutting, Blunt and Piercing (dmgs?)

    So i was making a game that has cutting,blunt and piercing as elements I made those to make so ''melee" and physical characters feel better to play with, and that going both aways, hitting monsters that have weakness(es?) to one or more of these elements, or when the characters equip armor that...
  4. Gabriel-Chi

    Attack element

    Her, i have been asking a lot of question these days ;P I have a armor type called "crystal" to balance the mages that can't hold shields, so i was also thinking of adding attack elements, but what would harpen if i have a staff/book that already has an element? Let's say, i have equipped a...
  5. Gabriel-Chi

    Passive skills

    Okay so, hi again. Scenario: i have a character that has a trait of ex-parameter counter 10% at lv 1, and when he reaches lv 10,I wanted to give a counter 15% to him, but i wanted it to be auto, and not during an map event. Anyone knows how? ;P
  6. Gabriel-Chi

    About Element Rate

    Yo, soo Let's say i have a shield, called "Fire gem shield" that has a Element Rate of 60% to fire, so it takes about 60% of fire dmg But then i buy a new armor called "Magma armor", which has a element rate of 40% to fire. So in combat, using both, if i take a fire magic, do i take 40% dmg or...
  7. Gabriel-Chi

    Escape chance

    I wanted to know what it the escape chance or/and how it is calculated, would help me a lot
  8. Gabriel-Chi

    Xp on items

    Hi, i'm making a game on Mv, and i had a idea for an item named "Magic Stone" that gives u some little xp, but if you don't use it you can trade for better itens with a researcher in the first town of the game. The thing is... i can't put xp increase on itens Help?
  9. Gabriel-Chi


    Resource Type: i want a empty face thingy, i don't know the name, that i can draw on, i have been trying to make one by myself but it always overlaps and cuts a whole part of the drawing,or it's too small and if i expand it,feels unconfortable to look in the texts,so, anyone can help me? Maker...
  10. Gabriel-Chi

    HAving trouble searching for system img s

    I have been searching on the foruns by Windows and ButtomSets to exchange the stantard one but i'm having trouble can someone help me? This is even the right place to ask?
  11. Gabriel-Chi

    RMMV Blue Mage deserve love

    Hi.I'm going to talk about blue mages. You may be asking what is a blue mage,right? Blue Mages (From Some Final Fantasy Games) are a unique class that can learn magicks from monsters,actualy,they need to get hit by a magic to learn it,so,i think they are masochists... Anyways this is kinda...
  12. Gabriel-Chi

    Battler Sprite Request

    Resource Type: Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: RPGM MV RTP,please,or cartoony Description: Soo,i have an walking sprite sheet,and i need two enemys baset on it,don't has to be an Sv Battlers,but i realy want to have them as enemies on my game. Heer,i want those two,the red and the...
  13. Gabriel-Chi


    Hi. I had a look one year or so on a thread about making your own mv sprites,then i forgot the title and i can't find now even with search,can someone help me? I'm even posting this on the right place? I should be asking in general discussion?
  14. Gabriel-Chi

    TRADE Fabulous Fables|Fantasy RPG Game

    Hello everyone, I'm here with this game, which is horrible so far! I do not want a commercial game, I just want a game to play with my friends, who are a 3 or 4 who play RPGs. I personally find myself a good writer, and a good designer, heeeer, not too much a good designer. I need basically...
  15. Gabriel-Chi

    Static Enemy sprite request

    Resource Type: Static enemy Maker Format: Mv Art Style: Mv RTP,Cartoony,Artist's original. Description: @SmashArtist did for me some time walk sprites of my slime, and did very well done, I tried to make static enemies, but it was not very good, I ask who can do, adapt my work to the...
  16. Gabriel-Chi

    Message change

    i want an plugin to improve my messages,sorry if i can't put this here Reference Images:
  17. Gabriel-Chi

    Need an exemple of map

    Hi!! I need this for my no-commecial game Resource Type: I need an map,but only an reference. Maker Format: RM Mv. Art Style: made with Mv's pre-made tilesets. Description: Hmm,i want an village,not a town,with an center that connect to all housse and constructions. Around the city center...
  18. Gabriel-Chi

    Simple Sprite Request

    Resource Type: Character. Maker Format:MV Art Style: Cartoony or/and Artist's original Description:Same size of an generic stantard character,for make sure,i need the walking character Reference Images:
  19. Gabriel-Chi

    RMMV Brave of Spirit-B version

    Hi guys!! thanks for coming This is a part of game I created a long time ago, around the 3rd grade, to play with my friends, just to be distracted when we had nothing to do. Version B starts from 80 after this "peace" Welcome to Tenem!! The great Empire for all This time,pass 80 years...
  20. Gabriel-Chi

    Need Sv Battler,Walking and Faces Sprites(RPGMMV)

    Hi guys!! I need sprites for this enemy: Green Apple Slime this is the last edit!!:kaohi: Resource Type: Characters,Sv Battlers and/or faces if you can Maker Format:MV Art Style: Cartoony or/and Artist's original Description:Same size of an generic stantard character,if...

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