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  1. Kilitar

    Trouble with adding a button.

    Hello, I have no troubles to adding/rearrange/resize buttons in Window_MenuCommand objects. It is simple plugin using methods already available as part of it. My app is made for android tablets/phones and it has included pedometter and GPS plugin as it interacts with real world around...
  2. Kilitar

    Simple Stack States

    Hello. If I understand it corectly, I can simply change default non-stackable states to stackable with override only one function: Game_Battler.prototype.addState = function(stateId) { if (this.isStateAddable(stateId)) { // if (!this.isStateAffected(stateId)) {...
  3. Kilitar

    Add array data as part of actor properties

    Hello. I am fighting with JS in MV. I made plugin with guild system. GuildName is defined by string - (name defined by plugin parameters) In each guild you have 12 titles you can achieve (starting from newbie to grandmaster) - you are tagged by highest one - so for Smith guild you can be...
  4. Kilitar

    Wide bridges

    RTP MV edits. Free for use, no credits required. Wider bridges (optimized for doublesized characters) with ropes on side, And here how it looks together in field
  5. Kilitar

    Kilitar - Traditional Pen&Paper engine platform

    At start I would point I am not english native speaker and my english is rather poor. To not waste anyone time I would like to point - this is NOT THE GAME and NOT anything you can download and use. It is my own platform I made purely for my RPG group of my friends. If you are interested "how...
  6. Kilitar

    How make conditional branch based on Actor(ActorID) has "empty hands" aka no weapon equipped

    Hello, I need run some code, based on equiped type of weapon. I have no problem if weapon exist and has a type. Problem is, when actor has NO weapon equipped (he should got skills Punch and Kick in this case) I tried If (($ === true) If...
  7. Kilitar

    How Yanfly Self Switches & Variables can be called remotely? ***solved** For game "in-build" self switch I can call it remotely (from another event) using script call like: if($gameSelfSwitches.value([MapID, EventID, 'A'])) {....} But when I am using Yanfly Self Switches & Variables the help...
  8. Kilitar

    Sideview Battler Near Death motion

    Hello, First question on which exactly HP% game switch actor/enemy into Near Death motion animation? Second one - can I control this internal MV logic in certain situations? (based on actor affected by state?). Using yanfly passive states I apply passive penalties if actor/enemy HP% is too...
  9. Kilitar

    SideView Battlers - Confused by sheet Step Forward vs Normal Standby

    I undesratnd how sheet works - I made few my own sheets. But I am confuse WHEN exactly is which animation used. Iam using lot of Yanfly scripts (animation sequence packs etc..) For example: "Step Forward" - is used at start of battle (???) when characters are idle and waiting for command...
  10. Kilitar

    Kilitar: 72x48 Field Character, 108x72 Battler

    Hello, this is my first try of pixel art for my game so expect newbie basic quality (and hope for improvements :) ) I decided to choose resolution 1600x900 so 48x48 character is too small. My choice was to make my own 72x48 field characters and side battler version is *150% (108 x 72 size). I am...
  11. Kilitar

    Script call - check/eval Armor Type equiped in Armor Equipment types

    Hello I am using system, where actor visual appearance changes based on equipment (for field and for battler as well). Notthing too hard or fancy - just 4 templates for each actor - purely based on Armor slot type of armor used. I have 4 (well 5 with naked version :P) basic types of armor...
  12. Kilitar

    Script calls for Yanfly plugins Profile Page / Actor Variables Page

    Question is related to 2 yanfly plugins and My question is how I can call them to screen using "script call"? Is it possible? For example I can call Item scene from event using...
  13. Kilitar

    Script call for actor state rate value

    Hello, Anyone know the way for script call for read state rate (based on total state rate) of an actor? I mean something like: var value; value = $; Thanx for help.
  14. Kilitar

    Change element rate via script using variable

    Hello. Is there a way with JS  to change elemental rate for actor by variable? In my game system actors training their special abilities in guilds.  With ability "Resist Fire" which can be trained by step 1 from 1-100 his "natural" Fire Element rate should drop by 0.5% by each point...
  15. Kilitar

    Tiny extension to YEP.83 – Change Battle Equip

    Hello,  Can anyone provide a small extension to ? This script has one thing which bothers me.  I can set Equip cooldown within plugin parametters how often inventory can be acessed. But still, an actor can acces his inventory...
  16. Kilitar

    Trigger common event or turn switch on close EquipScene ***SOLVED***

    Hello.  I am using custom made graphic (and various bonuses linked to weapon type + variables).  Based on this - bonuses and also actor graphic should change when actor change equipment.  If he changes axe to sword, it should be represented on his graphic, and variable SwordMastery...
  17. Kilitar

    Start an common event on closing equip scene ***SOLVED***

    Hello.  I am using custom made graphic (and various bonuses linked to weapon type + variables).  Based on this - bonuses and also actor graphic should change when actor change equipment.  If he changes axe to sword, it should be represented on his graphic, and variable SwordMastery...
  18. Kilitar

    How make script longer than 12 lines? ***SOLVED***

    I wrote my JS script in external editor and its about 200 lines.  Then I want copy it into common event.  RPG Maker Editor wont alow me paste more than 12 lines into script window.  EventCommands -> 3dpage -> Advanced -> Scripts. Above 12 lines its truncated. Shift(alt, ctrl) +...
  19. Kilitar

    States: Autoskip action? ***SOLVED***

    Hello all,  I want character to skip his actions for X turns after some actions via applying states like "1 turn skip/2 turns skip" etc.  I tried use state has Restriction: "Cannot Move" - But there is a problem. User affected by this state has some hardcoded  modifications like he...
  20. Kilitar

    Yanfly Custom Respond Effect, state does not appear at first try - SOLVED

    I reduced whole problem to the bone, it is part of yanfly  Buffs & States Core  plugin Notetag: <Custom Respond Effect> var BleedID1 = 63; target.addState(BleedID1); </Custom Respond Effect> State 63 has 5 turns duration.  My problem is, actor get hit, and he should receive...

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