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  1. fiddlesticks

    game developments and designs blog

    i wil, update my works
  2. fiddlesticks

    RMVXA peach jam

    peach june jam. peach jam in june Hello everybody and this is my game for the peach jam that take place in june. It went from 23 rd - 25 th @ 2 DAY LENGTH. I finished today. please enjoy and feedback because after jam is over I will update my game alot to be better...
  3. fiddlesticks

    RMVXA story time fantasy

    This my game for jam game of June 14 to June 23rd Please give feedback; ') Today is 23. I finish now. SNYPOSIS : you Play as Erikc and you travel through the snow fields because heh is invesitgating for his job. Somehow he find himself lost into the investigation and without realizing he become...
  4. fiddlesticks

    Dungeon Crawler

    I am making dungeon crawler game like dnf ARPG And should I use big sprite which make the maps smaller because I have to placate them and parallax mapping and lots of scripting layers Or small Sprite which make you scale with the 48 by 48 tiles... ;'( so small.. Or you can be big in town but...
  5. fiddlesticks

    RMMV Hack n slash

    Ok so am now working on story also someone told me that art is story telling element so I will firstly off try find good art style for to match the story - so I probably stop update for a while A-ha... Just look at my YouTube for updatebfor now only here BIG update... Hmm :z!

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