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  1. Loch_LeBlanc

    RMMV Allow different fonts in a dialogue box?

    Hi! Me again. I was wondering if there was a way to change the fonts of dialogue per dialogue box? Cause I'm making a part of a game where you enter a NES styled area, and I want to have a different font to go with it as well. The only problem is I don't have any money, so I can't buy the Yanfly...
  2. Loch_LeBlanc

    RMMV Party Member that doesn't participate in battle? Plugin maybe?

    Hey! It's me again. I'm wondering if there's a plugin that allows me to have a party member be excluded from battle, but still be in the party. Like, for example, I want to have Harold be the leader of the party, and his character appearing in the formation menu, ect. But I only want Therese...
  3. Loch_LeBlanc

    RMMV Pokemon-like Actor Switching (Mid Battle)

    Howdy everyone! I'm looking for a plugin of some sort that allows me to switch an actor out mid battle. For example, let's say out of the 4 base RPG maker party members, only one can be in battle. So let's say Harold is out. I want a way to switch out Harold with Marsha. But I have no way to do...
  4. Loch_LeBlanc

    RMMV Battle QTE similar to Undertale Battles?

    Hello! I'm making an undertale-esque fangame and I am looking for a plugin that works like a QTE; in this case, I want the player to press a sequence of keys, in which if they do not succeed, they will take damage. The QTE begins every enemy turn, as if it's used to prevent taking damage from...
  5. Loch_LeBlanc

    TPV "Modern Day Menace" pack?

    Hi all, I am planning to buy the Modern Day Menace enemy pack on steam, I'm not sure if it comes with top view sprites. (In my RPG games, if you touch an enemy you enter a battle.) Does anyone happen to have such sprites? (Here is the DLC link.) By top view, I mean something like this...

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