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  1. BigToastie


    Not many will know me, but after a very hectic 2017 (Bought a house with my then GF, we went to Florida and got engaged, adopted a dog and got a kitten, booked our wedding and that was all woven between both our jobs!) I finally have time again! So I am using it wisely... :)
  2. BigToastie

    Old Style MMO to New Players

    Hi Guys, I have been working on an old style MMORPG server for some time, its basically being based off of the Legend of Mir 2 source. It's still in development, and as I get closer to the first testing phase I am wondering about ways to make it appeal and market it to a new Playerbase. It...
  3. BigToastie

    Help(!) Customizable Player Hub

    Hi Guys, So I am looking to create a player map that acts as a "Hub". This is a large part of my game as it will always act as your main hub. I want this hub, to be customizable, in terms of you can build/upgrade buildings, in pre-determined spaces. Example. You have a map, with the...
  4. BigToastie


    Hi there, I have just realised, that this is for VXAce, not MV. I was too drawn to the graphics to read it (my bad!) is there any plans for this to be upgraded to MV? or is there a way I can use the tilesets for MV? Cheers :)
  5. BigToastie

    Just Bought All MV Packs

    Hi All, So I have purchased these for myself (all the available MV packs). I have them all in, in floods of folders and I am just abit ... stuck. I have a few questions: Firstly, diag movement, which plugin do people recommend for this? (among other staple plugins for these tilesets...
  6. BigToastie

    RPG Maker MV - Parallax Tutorials

    Hi Guys, Can someone point me in the right direction for video / guides for parallax mapping for MakerMV within GIMP? Done a search but came up with a wall of links that weren't relevant. Cheers!
  7. BigToastie

    Ingame Town Development

    Hi Guys, So if I want to give players their own 'base'. where they can erect new buiildings etc. how would I go about doing this in terms of giving them a free choice on what they want to build, and when. as I know you could force the players to build in a specific order, but I want to...
  8. BigToastie

    That "Idea" Moment

    So, I have been casually been pottering on with a game for some time, desgining, mapping etc. Then I had an seed of a new game pop into my brain, not relating to the game at all, but a new game entirely. Has anyone ever come across this, where you are working on a game and get a new game...
  9. BigToastie

    What Types of Map do you Enjoy Mapping the Most?

    Hi Guys, I have been curious to what are your favorite types of map to create and the ones you find a bit tiresome to create? I personally love designing big cities, but then filling them up with NPCs can sometimes be a bit of a task, especially with diverse chat!  Other than that, I...
  10. BigToastie

    TileA2_Extra (From Fantastic buildings)

    So you get an A2 tileset on fatastic buildings medieval tilesets. the tiles basically merge together (so placing grass places some of the path as well), do I need to resize these / add them to an existing tileset to get them to work? I dont mind re-sizing if this is what is required...
  11. BigToastie

    "Mystic Quest Line"

    Hi Guys, So I am creating a rather large Fantasy RPG. There is a main quest line, and optional quests, what I need your help with is if you would find this appealing in terms of a quest line. So in my game there are a specific set of 'people' called Mystics, they helped create and...
  12. BigToastie

    Question on : fantastic-buildings-medieval

    I was looking at getting these, however, I am just wondering how they fit in with the default RTP (and similar style tilesets) Do they integrate well in terms of map transitions (so going from one map to another it doesnt suddenly stick out)? Just wanted to ask this before i hit checkout...
  13. BigToastie


    Hi Guys, What this enables you to do is turn on switch(es) by notetags in a map. I have put the notetag on the test map, the switch doesn't turn on when the notetag is present, even though it's supposed to turn on...? the .js
  14. BigToastie

    Default Volume

    Hi Guys, Another question, is there a way to default the volume to a specific set %? It just seems so convoluted to modify each background sound etc. individually, is there a 'master' volume to modify all ?
  15. BigToastie

    Is it possible to do an If statement for Tilesets?

    So I have specific indoor and outdoor tilesets. What I want to be able to create is a common event that checks the tilesets, if its one of a few tilesets that it will do one specific thing, else it will do another thing. I want to be able to set up this for various weather conditions is...
  16. BigToastie

    Anyone Familiar with Orange Day/Night ?

    How do you get it to deactivate the day and night system on inside maps using the commands is what I need to know. Using the Tileset id works fine, but I have multiple tilesets that are used inside and outside so I can't do that with all tilesets (and I want to Try to avoid duplicate tilesets...
  17. BigToastie

    Continuous Flow Style Mapping

    Hi Guys, So I am personally doing a continuous style mapping, so each area is explored rather then fast travel to dungeons etc. you have to walk (or unlock other means to get there). to get an idea of the question i want to ask: I have a design of how my map goes, but for my first...
  18. BigToastie

    Allowing Free Exploration

    With the game I am designing, I want to allow as much free exploration as possible (so the main quest may be in a specific town but you can venture off to wherever - to a degree) My game has on map monsters rather than Random Encounters, so you can avoid battles most of the time, however my...
  19. BigToastie

    Batch Copying Animations

    So I am looking into animations and trying to (at the very least) modify current animations for all skills so they are unique. I am looking at earth one 2.  I have batch scaled the image down, but is there anyway to copy the entire animation and then copy it back into the same animation...
  20. BigToastie

    MV Overlays

    I am using Orange Overlay and looking for Fog overlays / lightbeam overlays etc.  I've done a search for them in MV resources and it just seems to bring the same thread up about Kaus'.

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