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  1. Mr. Detective

    The Mother I Love - Full Playthrough.

    This is the full playthrough of a short Japanese game that was made in RPG Maker MV. It's more of a visual novel with some gameplay elements tackled on. Story is pretty simple and straightforward, too. English subtitle is almost completed, please make sure you enable captions to see it. Any...
  2. Mr. Detective

    My PC's WiFi connector became loose and wiggling.

    Pic: The one on the right. I can move it around, while the left one is still securely tight. I can still attach the WiFi antenna to the connectors, but I'm very worried that this might affect my internet speed eventually. Apparently, to fix this, I'd...
  3. Mr. Detective

    Found traces of Malware when PC was being repaired.

    I sent my PC to a repair shop last week to fix some issues. Everything went well after that. Today, I was checking Windows Defender, and noticed that there were trojan in my PC, and it was found last Wednesday, while it was at the shop.
  4. Mr. Detective

    PC randomly restarts. What's to blame?

    A sequel to my thread last month. I'll quickly summarize to those who don't know. Last month, my PC restarted itself all of a sudden, then couldn't boot up anymore. The power was on, but it couldn't get past the MSI logo. When it could, it'd work for about 30 seconds, then restarted itself...
  5. Mr. Detective

    Red light on motherboard.

    Hello guys, Last night, I was using my PC like usual, just watching Youtube and Photoshop. All of a sudden, my monitor went black. The monitor lost signal first, then the PC restarted itself. I don't remember exactly if the PC turned itself off or restarted, but it wasn't the first time this...
  6. Mr. Detective

    Tutorial dialogue keeps repeating?

    This is strange. I want this dialogue to play only in this troop encounter. How come it pops up again in the other battles as well? Funny. I remember doing something like this before, but don't recall running into this issue. :v Appreciate any help! =w=
  7. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Disable battle voices for specific skills.

    Hello, I'm currently using Sasuke Kannazuki's BattleVoiceMZ plugin. All of my skills are grouped together under one specific category. I've also tried this method, but it didn't work for some reason. I did put them in the characters' notebox. Not just skills that recover HP, but self-buff...
  8. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Place enemies on parallel position facing the players?

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a plugin that puts enemies on the same (or predetermined) X coordinates as the players. I don't plan on having more than 4 enemies in a battle at once, at least not usually. My game's resolution is 1280x720, so it's kinda hard to use the placement-view box in the...
  9. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Why does my MP recover while I'm walking?

    Hello, I am currently using two scripts to recover my characters' MP after a battle is over. One is: from @Aesica And the other one is: What I have in the notetag...
  10. Mr. Detective

    Story of someone who got robbed. Believable?

    Hello guys, Today, when I was on my way going home from work, I encountered this gentleman. He looked to be in his late 40s to early 50s, somewhat on the thin side. The place I work at has about half a dozen of office buildings right next to each other, each is owned by a different company. As...
  11. Mr. Detective

    Erasing event after on-map encounter.

    I'm trying to set on-map encounters and can't make the event erases itself properly with common events. If the player wins, I want to have a common event that plays an animation on the event, then have it erases itself. If the player chooses to escape, I want to have a different common event...
  12. Mr. Detective

    Can't make a skill do minimum amount of damage.

    This is the formula for a skill for an enemy: 10 + (a.atk * 1.15 - b.def). So, I want the enemy to do at least 10 damage every time it attacks a character. This is to ensure that no matter how high a character's defense stat is, they'd still take damage. Sounds simple, but strangely enough, I...
  13. Mr. Detective

    Changing how much TP is gained from taking damage?

    I'd like my characters to gain a fixed amount of TP every time they take damage, like 1-2 TP, or 1-2% of the amount of damage they've taken. How can I do this? Do I need a plugin? Apparently, this can be done in MV by editing a certain file, but I can't find it in MZ. Thanks in advance for any...
  14. Mr. Detective

    Trying to take out my monitor screen.

    I have an ASUS MX279 monitor. I squashed a bug that I saw crawling on my computer screen. Turns out the goddamn bastard was inside the screen, not outside. And now there's a very annoying spot on the screen. I tried watching some tutorial videos on how to take apart my monitor but still couldn't...
  15. Mr. Detective

    Starting a Youtube channel. Some questions.

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of starting my own Youtube channel. There's no guarantee that it's going to be successful, or if I'll even have the dedication to keep it active. But I'd like to give it a shot. Somethings I'm wondering: 1. Should I just let the channel gain views and subscribers on...
  16. Mr. Detective

    Need help with OBS settings.

    I'm going crazy with this... I've been trying to make this record smoothly for days and I keep running into issues. Hope I can get some help from OBS users. The problem: the gameplay footage that I record with OBS sometimes have stutter/choppy instances, as if there was a drop in framerate. But...
  17. Mr. Detective

    Need help with audio issue while recording.

    Hello, I have a question for those who are recording gameplay using OBS or GeForce: how do you make your volume louder, or readjust it to your liking? When I use either one of these to record, the video recording is fine, but the audio is incredibly low. I have to jack up the volume to maximum...
  18. Mr. Detective

    Barrier that lessen damage by certain percentage?

    I forgot how to do this. I have a skill called "Frost Shield". When the user uses it, she gains a state in which she takes 30% less damage from physical attacks and 75% less damage from water-based attacks. This state will last for 3 turns. How do I accomplish this? Must have something to do...
  19. Mr. Detective

    To use "artificial respiration" or "CPR"?

    I'm translating something from another language to English. Context: Girl A gets hit by lightning and fainted. Girl B checks on her and says she's nothing breaking. Guy keeps telling Girl B to do "artificial respiration" on her. She does mouth to mouth, and he does chest compressions. Well...
  20. Mr. Detective

    RMMZ Graphic problem with MogHunter's Battlehud.

    I have a little issue with MogHunter's battlehud plugin. I'm using the Classic version. I have the face animation and shaking animation on. I notice a graphic glitch when the face is shaking (attacking or injured) and when the character is downed. This happens to all characters. Each face...

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