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  1. hadecynn

    RMMZ DUÆLITY - A Tactical CCG x RPG Hybrid

    === DOWNLOAD HERE === From the creator of: Monstruct! (2017 IGMC 5th Place) Abyss of Oblivion (2018 IGMC 5th Place) The Dreamchaser (2020 RPG Maker MZ "You got It, Now Use It" Jam 1st & 2nd Place) === An entry for the Build Your Own Game Jam (The 6th Annual DG GJ) === Diamond...
  2. hadecynn

    Dreams Circle: EVFX - Evolved Effects (EVFX Bloodforge Released 5/15)

    Hi Everyone, This is Andy from Dreams Circle. Today we're introducing the fourth EVFX Forge featuring a new theme perfect for horror games. Introducing, EVFX Bloodforge! As per tradition, you'll find the 2 free samples at the bottom of this page, so what are you waiting for...
  3. hadecynn

    Bug Issue with handling alpha/transparency in Effekseer animations. [FIXED PLEASE IGNORE/DELETE]

    I'm currently also looking into this issue on the Effekseer side, but I suspect the problem is with RPG Maker. Here are two screenshots that show the issue: Example 1: Example 2: The blend mode is Normal for both of these effects. In both instances, MZ seems to be ignoring the alpha of the...
  4. hadecynn

    RMMZ The Dreamchaser - Studio Blue MZ Game Jam: Community 1st Place / Judge 2nd Place

    Download it here! === From the creator of: Monstruct! (2017 Indie Game Making Contest - 5th Place) Abyss of Oblivion (2018 Indie Game Making Contest - 5th Place) === Thanks to everyone's support, The Dreamchaser placed 1st in the community voting and 2nd in the judges voting! You play...
  5. hadecynn

    RMMZ Help with writing a plugin to expand input options

    Hi, I'm learning how to write my own plugins and was wondering if someone knowledgeable could help point me in the right direction. I'm trying to write a plugin that expands upon the number of different types of inputs. By looking at the Input.keyMapper and Input.gamepadMapper blocks of code...
  6. hadecynn

    Animations Collection / Select for RPG Maker MZ

    Now that RPG Maker MZ is released, we have begun converting EVERY Animations Collection / Animations Select packs to enable the animations assets to be used in RPG Maker MZ. For current owners, the MZ-compatible Effekseer versions of the animations and the Demo Project will be distributed as...
  7. hadecynn

    RMMV Abyss of Oblivion (IGMC 2018)

    From the creator of Monstruct! (2017 IGMC 5th Place) and Animations Archive | Collection A rogue-lite / turn-based hybrid RPG Available on ===== Accompany Evelyn and Oria as the girl and fairy duo journeys into the Abyss in hopes of breaking a heart-wrenching curse. ===== =====...
  8. hadecynn

    RMMV IGMC 2017 Entry: Monstruct!

    Available for download at: Please feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts here or via PM. I'd love to hear what you think!
  9. hadecynn

    I'm writing a Animation tutorial series, what do you want me to cover?

    Greetings RPG Maker Forums! Through the recent Animation Competition, I realized that for many individuals in the community, using the animation editor in the RPG Maker engine seems like an arcane and mysterious art only accessible to a chosen few. I've therefore decided to start penning a...
  10. hadecynn

    - Animation Competition - Results!

    Announcing the winners of the 1st Animation Competition! Here are the identities of our entrants, the name of their works, and my own comments about each of their wonderful submissions: Entry 1 - @AceOfAces_Mod - "Fire and Ice" Entry 2 - @Melosx - "Contest" Entry 3 - @boomy - "Bolt"...
  11. hadecynn

    - Animation Competition - Rules

    The voting period has begun! All are welcome, cast your ballot here: ===================================================== Greetings RPG Maker Web! In celebration of the 1-year...
  12. hadecynn

    Questions about old features in new forum

    I have a few questions about the new forum: 1. Are animated GIFs (and perhaps autoplay) not supported as avatars anymore? As an animation artisan it's a little sad to see my avatar reduced to a static black square. 2. Is there a way to upload/attach images to be used by in signatures? There's...
  13. hadecynn

    Checking or force-removing Attached Augment (Yanfly)

    This is about @Yanfly Attached Augment plugin. I have a system where players can trade-in certain pieces of equipment for other pieces, but if the piece traded in has augments attached, those augments are also gone forever. Ideally I would want the game to automatically detach all the...
  14. hadecynn

    - Animations Collection II: Quantum -

    Hi all, Please use this post for all your suggestions/comments/questions/etc. regarding my "Animations Collection II: Quantum" pack. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I'll most likely also be using this thread to conduct some user surveys and polls that will influence the future...
  15. hadecynn

    Force Action - Bug or Plugin Conflict?

    I'm running into a problem with Force Action in battles but am unsure whether its caused by plugins I'm running, or is an inherent bug with the system. For certain enemies, I want them to perform certain skills when they die (Final Attack, if you will). Some of these skills target the entire...
  16. hadecynn

    Creating a skill that temporarily swaps parameters

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a battle-only toggle skill/state that will temporarily swap the user's current ATK with their MATK (or any stat against any other stat), and right now I'm leaning towards using Yanfly's State and Buff Core's Custom Apply and Custom Remove Effects, but I'm not sure...
  17. hadecynn

    - Animations Collection I: Quintessence -

      Hi all, Please use this post for all your suggestions/comments/questions/etc. regarding my "Animations Collection I: Quintessence" pack. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I'll most likely also be using this thread to conduct some user surveys and polls that will influence...
  18. hadecynn

    State Details Window in Battle Scene

    I've been trying out a lot of Japanese RM games lately to get a feel for the features/ideas that they are using, and I really liked this particular idea that I saw in a game called Lapis Lapse made in VX Ace. I think these 2 screenshots tell a good story by themselves, so let me start with them...
  19. hadecynn

    Battle Animations Survey

    Hi everyone, Some of you are probably already familiar with me and my works through "- The Animations Archive -" thread in the MV Resources sub-forum.  Over last month, I've been requested on many occasions to make specific types of animations. However, due to time constraints, I'm unable...
  20. hadecynn

    Tinting just the background layer in battle between certain animation frames?

    There is the option to flash the screen in any color/intensity within the animation editor, but is there a way to tint/overlay only the background as part of a skill animation? This is the effect I'm going for, please skip to 3:48 ("Flare" animation from FF VI): Where the...

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