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  1. tumsterfest

    Editing a Walking Sprite

    Resource Type: EDIT of walking sprite Maker Format: MV or MZ Art Style: RTP-ish Description: For my game's character Saylor, I tried mishmashing free assets to match the concept art, then filled in blanks from there. There are two issues: In the middle rows, the leg closest to the camera...
  2. tumsterfest

    TV Rear Hair (Top 3 Rows)

    Resource Type: Sprite Part Maker Format: MV or MZ Art Style: RTP, Basically Description: Hello, I'm looking for a rear hair generator piece, just above shoulder-length, for the top three rows of a TV spritesheet. A longer version of this hairstyle is here, and I subsequently used it for my...
  3. tumsterfest

    TRADE Avery's Reverie - Battles, Plugins, Animation, etc. - Flexible Arrangements

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ (If you have strong interest in committing to this project but don't have MZ, I'm open to providing it for you.) Synopsis (See Games in Development thread for full details.) Story: Tired of doing chores "literally" all the time (and literally tired from staying up past...
  4. tumsterfest

    RMMZ What Plugins Exist (& Play Nicely Together) for These Battle Ideas?

    Hello (and sorry if this is the wrong thread)! I'm looking to further customize my battle system. Currently it uses virtually no plugins except for the free MZ VisuStella ones, an "alternative skill costs" notetag, and passive states for equipment by Fomar. I have a basic idea of the popular...
  5. tumsterfest

    Shadow Pen Doesn't Display During Playtesting

    Hi, I'm noticing that any shadows I place during in-editor mapping are not showing up during playtesting. Based on past threads, I've tried: Disabling all plugins Unchecking "Disable Tile Shadows" in the VisuStella Core Engine plugin Making sure all top-left tiles on a tile sheet are set to...
  6. tumsterfest

    RMMZ Avery's Reverie

  7. tumsterfest

    Spritesheet selection box too small, even with $ and proper dimensions.

    Hi, I'm trying to use animated lava bubbles, but when I go to create the event the selection box is too small to get the whole frame. I know there are a million topics out there on this issue, and they've all been a matter of: Not putting "$" in front of the file name, or The spritesheet not...
  8. tumsterfest

    Last few maps won't process event battles

    Hi, I've used event battles for 95% of my battles so far, with no issues. All of a sudden, on my last few maps, my event battles aren't processing. I've tried switching them to Player Touch vs. Event Touch; neither works. I've tried copying and pasting event battles from other maps that I'm...
  9. tumsterfest

    After the boss fight -- what now? (Beginner--ish question)

    I am trying to make my story progress after my game's first boss battle. This storyline event will occur on the same map as the player was on before the boss fight. To make the cutscene initiate AFTER the fight, I made it only happen on the condition that you possess a weapon that's earned by...
  10. tumsterfest

    Damage formulas producing 0 damage

    Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out why a few attacks of mine aren't causing damage: First one: a.hp + atk - b.def * 2 Second one: a.mat * 5.5 - tp - b.mdf I'm pretty decent at math, so it's definitely not an issue with that. My suspicion is that my issue has something to do with including...
  11. tumsterfest

    Skills and States Core Plugin (I Think) Issue

    Hi, I just added the suite of Yanfly MZ plugins to my MZ plugin folder. However, I got this error message when I loaded the game to test: I removed all the Yanfly plugins and started readding them one by one to see which one triggered the error, and it ended up being the Skills and States...
  12. tumsterfest

    Toolbar not working

    Am I the only one who doesn't get any menu prompts when they click on the toolbar options up top? I also don't see anything when I click on MAP001 in the map tree. I restarted both MZ and my computer, but neither worked. I'm guessing this is some weird issue with display setting? I don't have...
  13. tumsterfest

    Question From New Idiot Re: Importing Resources

    Hi, I'm new to RPG Maker MV (literally have not played an RPG Maker since the PS1 game). I downloaded all of these sweet free DLC resources to expand my options for character creation and BGM. While I can use the BGM just fine, I can't use any of the character stuff. After 90 minutes of...

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