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  1. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    @Archeia - Thank you for the explanation, I understand now why that would not work. It might be a good idea to have a document, like on Google, on the features purposed and the reason they were rejected because trying to research before submitting suggestion is challenging - too much signal to...
  2. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    For simplicity sake I have said a single event but it could be used more. Respectfully, I completely disagree with "hurting their game". With that logic then there should not be plugins that could potentially run amok. The same thing can be said about using the existing functionality of using...
  3. Castspeller

    Suggestion Enhancing Event Searcher

    The Event Searcher was a welcome addition to MV, but it was not very useful unless you knew something about the Event. Fast-forward to MZ and we have the Event Panel that shows us all of the Events, on that map, with the ability to right-click on the event to do more advanced searching. So...
  4. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    I am talking about potential multiple conditions on a single event, not having multiple events/plugins to achieve this single, simple goal. Your suggestion is yet another work-a-rounds when there should not need to be one. From my own experience, down the road when reviewing work-a-rounds...
  5. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    @caethyril - I understand adding multiple Conditions could impact performance but I do not believe that this would. Respectfully, the rest of response are work-a-rounds, some of them as you say complicated, especially for newer users and some veterans. This would be an OOTB(Out of the Box)...
  6. Castspeller

    Missing Character Generator assets?

    Oh my, I did flubbed up - I accidently saved part of Avery's Advent day 16 into the base assets that come with MZ but not installed as part of MZ. He DOES include the icons, so this can be closed :) Thank you for pointing this out.
  7. Castspeller

    Games from an overhead perspective

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. This is only something I am toying with so nothing to share.
  8. Castspeller

    MZ Battle Animation Showdown

    @TheoAllen - yes that would be great. @Touchfuzzy - are you able to help?
  9. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    I know @Archeia has posted that there would be no more Page Conditions but I would hope that this suggestion gets considered and thought out thoroughly. What I purpose is to add one additional Page Conditions, this would be a checkbox with a text box for Javascript that must return either True...
  10. Castspeller

    Missing Character Generator assets?

    I did not put this in the MZ Feedback because it is not per say a bug. I was going through the character generator and noticed that the following have the transparent overlays but no icons to select them. I have verified that for instance I cannot create a Female that has freckles. The missing...
  11. Castspeller

    Can Unity 3d Effects import to Effekseer?

    There are tools in the Effekseer (mine is v1.61e) to convert fbx to efkmodel files and are command-line. The converters are called fbxToEffekseerCurveConverter.exe and fbxToEffekseerModelConverter.exe - I do not know how to use them or the ekmodel files. There is also some information on fbx...
  12. Castspeller

    MZ Battle Animation Showdown

    So for those of use who do not have the Steam version and cannot download from Workspace and the winning entries be made available here?
  13. Castspeller

    Games from an overhead perspective

    I wanted to get some feedback on overhead perspectives games - likes/dislikes, challenges, etc. I personally like this type but do want to get others opinions and thoughts. This could be VX Ace, MV or MZ.
  14. Castspeller

    Dilapidated graveyard and stone fences

    Thank you everyone, this is a good start. @Enigman KR's Peaceful Rest Graveyard might have a few tiles, if the tiles in the banner are included LOL, but since I cannot see what I would get from the purchase I would not consider it. @Avery - I did see @whtdragon's and @Starbird_Resources...
  15. Castspeller

    How do I download Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3?

    @GalaxDev - The demo Game is a project so go to the Script Editor and at the bottom is his plugin.
  16. Castspeller

    RMMV What JavaScript books and resources can be best to aid you in learning and being able to use RPG Maker JS Plugin Development?

    Try taking a look here, but it is in Japanese and Google does a good job of translation ... can't help with the graphics though. And, there is alway the @Archeia's Blog posts: Beginner's Guide to Plugins (Part 1 / 2) Beginner's Guide to Plugins (Part 2 / 2) There are links to Javascript...
  17. Castspeller

    Suggestion Testing with package.json parameters and setting default package.json values

    It would be very helpful to be able to test the game/battles with the custom "chromium-args" that will be placed in the package.json. It would also be helpful to be able to set the "name" and "icon" in the package.json file. These could all go in the Database - System 2 under Advanced...
  18. Castspeller

    How do I download Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3?

    @GalaxDev - The URL for mentioned above by @Roninator2 is here and on his website here, however the resources listed on the first URL I could not get too and I am registered. There is a demo game listed which someone suggested getting the resources from the game. There is also some issues...

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