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  1. Gears of Phantasm, Steam Game.

    (BUY ON STEAM) Gears of Phantasm Beta Version 2.2 Major June 1st Update, for the DLC. (PRICE OF GAME) Purchase for 10$(Varies on region)* Or playtest the Alpha Demo for free. (Storyline PLOT) A unique take on the classic RPG, two Lords set forth to stop an emerging threat. They must collect...
  2. Releasing my game on Steam, any opinions on DRM?

    It's my up coming RPG MAKER ACE Game, if anyone wants to check it out the game is called "Gears of Phantasm" list on steam, the date was mis-labeled as Nov 17, however it releases around Dec 1st. I've used "DRM" more or less if you can even call it that to make my game less pirate-able & while...
  3. How would you display total exp acquired by actor.

    You can see the current/needed exp in most scripts but I've not managed to find one that shows the total exp gained like in a pokemon game.
  4. Lol my post was deleted pat link oops, Rolls-eyes, well I guess I should read rules more. So lets do that together shall we..

    Terms and Rules/Service, the two & only rule listed that matters. 1.We may remove or modify any Content submitted at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We may terminate your access to...
  5. Active Time Battle System, Edit AKA Victor ATB

    So I know theres a few semi RTB systems that give players a timer & when its built up they have their turn, this is not true RTB. RTB the way I'm wanting to set it up is where you & your enemies can make attacks during each others turns. So far I've been able to get the command menu to stay...
  6. Help me fixing boat for pixel movement vehicle script Had to post it in steam wasn't letting me post here. I still can't figure out how to write a script check for player direction unless $game_player.direction 4 force_move_forward This just ends up turning the player left...
  7. Found a super bug, that might be fixable by devs.

    Whats the difference between 90fps & 70fps, while it might not seems large in that one instance I've come to realize its most likely multiple instants & I've only able to currently under stand this exact one, I'll have to dig much deeper to find out what or we this happens but I'd chalk it up to...
  8. I've edited this character for my game :) Anime fans surely know him.

    A mixture of Ko & Alan with RTP Actor4#7 ttp:// ttp:// Any opinions on the face/character is welcomed.

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