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  1. Custom Character Creation + Sideview Animations

    Hey all. Like most RPG's, I want the player to create their own character at the start of the game. In combat, I hand animate the attacks every player / party member uses on the screen. The animation isn't just the "effect" of the attack (like a slash without the char shown), it shows the...
  2. Fallout 1 / 2 Style Battle System

    Hey all, quick question. Fallout 1 and 2 have a system where you've got action points (AP) every "turn" in combat and you can use those for a variety of actions, like moving, attacking, opening inventory, etc. When you run out of AP, you can't move any more, and it then becomes someone else's...
  3. Unique Accuracy Formula for each Skill

    Hey all. I have a game which resembles the fallout series in it's mechanics / statistics. For example, there is a melee weapons skill that is supposed to influence the damage and accuracy of just melee weapon skills in combat. I can make the "melee weapons" skill into a variable and have that...
  4. Using Math.floor on All Damage Formulas

    I checked out this thread earlier today: My game uses low damage numbers, and after a bit of testing, I found out that any decimal .5 or over rounds damage values up, while I want all non-whole numbers to round down. Damage...
  5. Begin Battle with Status Effect

    I've successfully set up my game to have a series of passive skills (status effects with no icon) that apply forever using YEP Auto Passive States, and one of those passive abilities is adding a three-turn status effect to one character once battle begins. If you've player Paper Mario TTYD, it...
  6. Flat Stat Changes on States

    I know that YEP Core and a few other YEP plugins (auto-passive states, maybe) can allow you to add flat bonuses to weapons, armor and items. For my game, I use really low number values (all stats are under 20, one point in a stat = one max mp change) so percentage changes are not a good idea for...
  7. Luck Stat Clarification

    Hey all. I'm trying to make luck in my game the primary way to increase status effect chance on your abilities, but I'm not sure exactly what the formula "Math.max(1.0 + (user.luk - target.luk) * 0.001, 0.0)" is doing. I know that it means every 100 points of difference between your luck and...
  8. How To Modify Status Effect Base Formula

    I have no actual idea where to go to edit a part of the game files so I can do this. What I want can't be changed through plugins or events, so I need to tinker around with the formula that determines the chance to inflict a status effect. Anyone know which file needs to be opened? Where to...
  9. Status Effect Hit Chance Problem

    Okay, so like all RPGs mine has moves that have a base % chance to inflict a status effect. From what I understand, once you hit the enemy with an attack that has a status effect trait on it, your luck and the enemies luck modify that % slightly (Depending on who's is higher) and then the game...
  10. Issue with Base Parameter Control

    So I'm trying to make a system where your HP and MP are controlled directly by your Constitution and Wisdom stats. The idea is that your MP will be 2x your Wisdom and your HP will be 10x your Constitution. Using the base parameter control, I went into the max MP formula and modified it to this...
  11. Larger Battle Animations

    I seriously need help with this to make my game work. I hand-draw my characters in pixel art, then size them up x2, order them as a battle animation then animate their abilities, the same way Lisa: The Painful does it. The only issue is that you HAVE to size the sprite up x2 or it will be...
  12. Critical Strike Issue

    To start, I have successfully reproduced this error with and without plugins. Whenever any actor or monster critically strikes, it does the exact same damage as a normal strike. I've gone into the js file and seen that the critical value is still x3, not 0. I've set an actor to crit 100% of...

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