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  1. kesa

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Thank you so much Reisen your awesome ^.^
  2. kesa

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Hey Reisen the J in Journey looks more like a D now that I look at it. Any way to adjust that if you have time?
  3. kesa

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    OMG it's perfect!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much...This makes me so happy ^.^
  4. kesa

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    @ Hyde - Looks like you got your hands full now so maybe Reisen can do mine if not too much of a problem
  5. kesa

    JANK's music studio

    These are great, cant wait to place Forest of Despair into my game project. ^.^ Thank you for sharing your talents with us
  6. kesa

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Title: A Journey's End Sub-Text: N/A Theme: The game is about a girl who is a dungeon crawler, that roams about looking for treasures... Setting is in the medevil era, I really have no idea what to do about the title screen, normally I do them myself, but I been so strapped doing everything...

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