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  1. Gavron

    How do I export the game to an apk file on Android?

    Hi guys, I hope you are well. I need help to export my game to an apk file, I've seen many tutorials and tried to use Android Studio and Apk Builder but I can't. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.
  2. Gavron

    SF Sprites

    hello everyone where could i find the sprites of these characters?
  3. Gavron

    RMMV Mog Time_System

    Hello everyone I'm having problems with the MogHunter plugin the Time System. The plugin works perfectly when I am on the map (without parallel or automatic events). The problem is when I use automatic events the hours go by but the game’s tonality doesn’t change. :(
  4. Gavron

    School Sprites

    Hello everyone, I wanted to order female director sprites. (School) For Rpg Maker MV
  5. Gavron

    RMMV Plugin Mog Problem

    Hi! How are you? I hope that well :) I have a problem with the following plugins: Galv's Message Bust Mog TimeSystem After I implemented the Mog Plugin, the bust images no longer appear.
  6. Gavron

    Sprite Kids Request

    Hello everyone I hope everyone is well! :) I came here I asked for some children's sprites, they can be modern or medieval (preferably both)
  7. Gavron

    Sprite Blonde Woman

    Hello, how are you guys? Taking advantage of that my last post was to convert the ugly sprites of my project. Someone could do a sprite of this character (MV style)
  8. Gavron

    Sprites Request

    Hello community people! I hope everyone is okay :) Could someone create the sprites of these drawings below in the style of mv? Sprites:

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