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  1. RMMV Check event's priority type via script call

    I'm scripting some event's movement outside the default pathfinding and these events should be able to detect whether they gonna have a collision with an unpassable event or not. WIthout this script, they would just ignore events since and go right through.
  2. RMMZ Get ID of selected skill via script call

    I need to get ID of a selected skill via script call which then would trigger a common event that will change certain variables based on what u've chosen. Is it possible?
  3. RMMZ Removing battle scene windows' backgrounds and battle command selection window

    Basically what I'm looking for. Is it possible without any plugins? I managed to do that in MV, but no luck with MZ so far
  4. RMMZ Parrallel common event script lags in Battles

    I made a script that makes all party members have a shared MP bar and it works perfectly fine outside the battle but once I start one it starts lagging and I experience huge FPS drops. Here's one of the fragments that causes the problem: ◆Script:window.v = $gameVariables._data ◆Script:v[1] =...
  5. RMMV MV\MZ Add new troops/enemies via script call mid battle

    Is it possible or I'll need a plugin for that? I've also heard u can do something similar using default MZ features, but I'm not sure how to do it :(
  6. RMMV Check if enemy is dead or has zero HP via script call

    I guess it would be smth like $gameTroop.member().isAlive but I'm not sure
  7. RMMZ Show\move picture script call doesn't work

    Often MV script calls simply won't work in MZ. For example: $gameScreen.showPicture(26, "gauge_full", 1, 111, 111, 100, 100, 255, 0) Doesn't do anything. Any ideas? UPD Issue solved itself after installing FOSSIL plugin
  8. RMMV Check which actor is currently selected\has a turn in battle?

    Is it possible to check this via script call? How?
  9. RMMV Disable "loading file error" plugin

    I remember there was a plugin that would disable the "loading file error" message while testing but I can't find it :(
  10. RMMV Forcing enemy attack a certain party member

    I'm trying to create a skill that would make a certain party member attract all incoming enemy attacks for a few turns. How could this be done?
  11. RMMZ Customizing choice highlight via Script Call

    When you choose a battle command there's a little flickering effect highlighting your choice. Is there any way to deactivate it or turn the flickering's opacity to zero? I found it inside rpg_windows - Window_Selectable.prototype.itemRect = function(index) but couldn't quite figure it out...
  12. RMMV Skip Actor's Turn

    I'm making a battle system based on common events using YEP BattleCore. Is there a way to skip an actor's turn via Script Call?
  13. MZ: TypeError: Cannot set property 'effects' of undefined

    window.v = $gameVariables._data window.s = self(1,1) It seems like this window. which I previously used in MV produces this error. Yet if I remove it the game can't identify these variables correctly.
  14. RMMV Get class name by it's id or index

    $dataClasses is supposed to be an array but I just get an "Object object" thing $dataClasses().name didn't work either
  15. RMMV .addParam but for each actor

    Basically this $,X) but for each actor available in the game.
  16. RMMV Restore actors' parameters after changing them

    Is it possible to set/restore actors' parameters to default one's according to their lvl after I manually changed them for gameplay reasons?
  17. RMMV Saving game screenshots inside pictures folder

    I've tried every single plugin I could find and even tried to make my own modification, but nothing worked Orange Screenshots won't save into the pictures folder and generates names based on the current time. Orange Mapshots ignores my bitmaps Cae PicSnapshot just doesn't work...
  18. RMMV Optimized way to Remove\Clear a bitmap

    Hope I'm not spamming. I made a grid-based cursor of sorts, but if I'm moving it my FPS slowly drops: //deleting the old cursor bitmap window.myCursorList[0].bitmap.clearRect(self(this)["xMathCursor"], self(this)["yMathCursor"], self(this)["pixel size"], self(this)["pixel size"])...
  19. RMMV Replace a bitmap with another one | Rectangles | Arrays

    In the painting game, I'm making u can change colors. I didn't want to stack bitmaps on top of each other so I've decided to replace one bitmap with another If they shape the same coordinates: I'm deleting the old rectangle, drawing a new one, and assigning it the old one's value in the array...
  20. RMMV Adjust Bitmaps layer | Bitmap covering choice and message windows

    Here's my little script: var bitmap = new Bitmap(816, 624) bitmap.fillRect(0, 0, 816, 624, "red") window.backround = new Sprite(bitmap) SceneManager._scene.addChild(window.backround) The problem is that it covers the whole screen including message windows. Of course, I could use pictures...

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