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  1. RMMZ Extra action once per turn (Bonus Action D&D)

    From D&D Bonus Actions are once per turn and can do multiple things, usually things that happen in seconds or are class or skill specific. A rogue can use "hide" after they preform an attack to become safe or have the enemy search from them before able to counter-attack. Potions are another...
  2. RMMV Fixing Scene Change bug?

    I found a bug while using DreamX's State Icons and YF Row formation. Basically in DreamX's plugin it draws the states and buffs over enemy battlers. I noticed if I open the ROW menu in battle and then kill and enemy the drawn states and buffs remain over the dead enemy and do not disappear. I...
  3. RMMV State Animations

    I been looking for a while and can't find something that fits. I basically want YF Visual State FX but when I use that plugin it seems to break a whole bunch of others including other YF plugins. I limited myself to 99% Yanfly plugins for compatibility issues. Ideally: I would like an animation...
  4. RMMV State Icons staying on screen, trying to fix visual icons.

    This has been plaguing me for over a year. I'm using DreamX's State Icons, to show and stack icons and buffs over each battler and not cycling them through. Buffs and States are a few important part of my game and seeing them in real time is essential. I can't figure out why sometimes the...
  5. RMMV Deal DMG back from last 3 turns?

    Im trying to make a skill that checks how much damage you took in the last 3 turns and inflicts that to all enemies. I was using UNDO global passive to keep track but I cannot figure out the math or formula to make this happen. Using this in my skill <Pre-Damage Eval> var revenge =...
  6. RMMV YF Counter Control state not going away. Im trying to make a counter skill that evades the next source of damage and counter attacks. I tried tons of different things and nothing at all works. Also the counter is just a normal attack and not the proper skill. This is how my state is...
  7. Creative Inn/Tavern Idea?

    One thing that resonated with me was Super Mario RPG, the one inn where you can get the deluxe room and had nothing more than a scene where Mario takes a hot shower. If you fail to pay the bill you have to work off your debt. I absolutely loved this idea when I first played this game. It was...
  8. Remove *turns* of a state while walking out of combat?

    I have no idea if possible with common events but to cast a skill like regen that lasts 5 turns but if combat finishes and you have 3 turns left, outside of battle every 50 steps removes a turn and you gain some hp. Is it possible or I'm asking too much?
  9. Blocking section of map visibly (pkmn Flash type skill)

    Im trying to create a dungeon that if you don't do a certain event part of the map is covered in darkness, kinda like PKMN dark cave. Once you hit a switch its visible and nothing is blocking your view.
  10. RMMV Refresh Battle Scene after Battler's Action.

    Im using YF STB. I have been trying to trigger a refresh to happen end of battler ACTION instead of end of TURN. I tried notetags in a global State for <Custom Turn End Effect> user.refresh(); </Custom Turn End Effect> But it does not work, Im not sure how to refresh the battle_scene and im...
  11. Manual Refresh for battlers?

    Im using YF STB battle system and I have come to a problem. Some skills and states are not refreshing at the battler's end turn instead the TURN END. Im looking for the script or how to modify the scene files that would trigger a manual batter.refresh at each action end.
  12. RMMV How do you manually refresh Battle Scene? Using this plugin and it does not refresh after each battler's action. Im using STB. Im trying to find out how to either fix the plugin to refresh at the end of each battler's action instead of TURN END but have no idea how. I have numerical...
  13. RMMV Stacking REGEN and keeping it between combat.

    So im toying with the idea of having a REGEN state that heals more for each stack. REGEN as a basic effect heals for 10% max hp per round + users.mat X (# of stacks minus 1). Lasts 3 rounds. Casting REGEN skill will add 1 stack for 3 rounds. ==> 10% recovery x 3 rounds Casting another instance...
  14. Skill that does extra effect if last round you were not damaged.

    Trying to make a skill that gives you a benefit if your character didn't take damage the last round. No idea how to check for it
  15. RMMV YF Row positioning of actors

    So im playing around with the row positions but cant seem to properly set up my actors. Currently I have 3 rows each represented by I,II,III I have also have actors A,B,C. In the picture actor A is in row III, B is in row I, C is in row II However the order of characters is C B A I find it...
  16. YF Actor Transformation removes face image from menu only

    Im not understanding why but if I open the menu my character has a empty face graphic. Im trying to make a skill that is Trance and Actor Transformations combined. TRANCE <Custom Passive Condition> // Check if the party is in battle. if ($gameParty.inBattle()) { // Default the user's trance...
  17. Cutscene(Event) places player in boat when done?

    How can I make it so that after my cut scene the player is in a boat on the world map?
  18. Stacking elemental resistance?

    Im having a few problems with my armors and items. I want to create pieces of armor and augments that increase fire resistance by 10%. To the point if you stack enough you can become fully immune. I created a state Resist Fire: <Custom Apply Effect> user._stackingresfire = user._stackingresfire...
  19. Semi controllable A.I. party members?

    Im toying with an idea that you can get a party member who acts independently for the most part, but through certain actions and commands you can direct that party members next action. I know the "Auto Battle" Flag, makes it so you can't control the character but it uses bad moves and using YF...
  20. YF Enemy levels in DMG formula?

    Im trying to make a specific skill that does X dmg plus 10*user's level. I tried this an it does not work. <Pre-Damage Eval> var enemylv = enemy.level * 10; var dmg = (value + enemylv); value = Math.ceil(dmg); </Pre-Damage Eval>

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