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  1. Kricketot

    Script that allows for Guard to bypass other actions.

    What I need is fairly simple as a concept. If an actor has two or more actions, and the player selects the guard option at any point while selecting actions, all other actions are ignored, the game moves on as though all actions were selected, and the actor uses only guard that turn. That is...
  2. Kricketot

    Prevent different actors from wearing same equipment

    The way my game works is that there is no standard equipment, instead each piece of equipment serves a special purpose and can be equipped in a specific slot. The result of this is that I want players to try and figure out the best equipment for each character on their own, which also means I...
  3. Kricketot

    A script to change item effects when in-battle.

    I have a basic healing item that restores all MP, but it's outclassed by the tier directly before it as a result of MP never getting high enough to require the 100% restore. As a result, I decided to make it so that said item also buffs MP, increasing it temporarily. This sounded nice until I...
  4. Kricketot

    [VX Ace] modern algebra's Global Text Codes error

    I know what's causing this issue, but not WHY it's causing this issue. The Global Text Codes script by modern algebra is giving me the error "undefined method 'gsub' for nil:NilClass", and I've found that it's due to a snippet of code I found and edited. class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base...
  5. Kricketot

    A script that allows for the escape option to be disabled mid-battle?

    What I'm looking for is fairly simple in concept. There is a timer in my game that is constantly ticking down. If it reaches 0, the player is either forced to fight a strong enemy, or the enemy is suppose to join the battle, if the player is in one when the timer runs out. All of this works...
  6. Kricketot

    Yanfly Instant Cast + Common Event issue

    I'm trying to make a boss battle that grants the player a skill for the duration of the battle that they may use as many times as they wish for free. The skill itself triggers a common event that contains a series of text boxes and a pseudo-shop made of events. The skill uses Yanfly's Instant...
  7. Kricketot

    RMMZ Plugin to stop Force Action from actually using an Action.

    I'm looking for a plugin that stops the Force Action command from actually using one of the player's actions. If I have an actor that moves twice per turn, and the first skill he uses calls a common event that calls a force action, making him attack an enemy, that uses both of his actions. This...
  8. Kricketot

    Have a skill decrease stats if a state is inflicted.

    I have a skill that induces a frozen state. I have a another skill that I want to have lower the defense and speed of its target IF and only IF the target already has the frozen state. Are there any scripts that can let me do this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Kricketot

    Looking for a script that can prevent items that trigger common events from closing the menu

    I'm simply looking for a script to fix the above mentioned problem. Whenever you use an item in the overworld, and it triggers a common event, the entire menu closes, and the player has to open it up again to use another of that item. Thank you in advance.
  10. Kricketot

    Script Call for hiding/showing battle UI?

    My question is simple. Is there a built-in script call for hiding and showing the battle UI? I specifically need one for showing it, but having both would obviously be helpful, too. I am aware that there are calls for MV that do what I want, but I can't seem to find any info on how to do this in...
  11. Kricketot

    Is there any way to change a system sound in events?

    If say, I wanted to change Boss Collapse 1 to a different SE for one battle, could I do that? Would there be a script call of some kind I could do, or would this task require its own script? Haven't been able to find any results on this, and would appreciate it if somebody could lead me in the...
  12. Kricketot

    Picking targeted enemy in common event

    When using a skill with a comment event attached, I want to set a variable to one of the selected enemies stats, however I'm not quite sure if this is even possible. How would I do this, if I even can? For example I wish to set the 40th variable to the attack stat of the selected enemy I'm...
  13. Kricketot

    The age old capture enemy question.

    Yes, another one of these. However, every single topic I've looked over seems to have something different in mind. What I'm looking for is a little different however. I wan't to make it so that an enemy has a chance to want to join your party at the end of a battle. This chance is unique to the...
  14. Kricketot

    Treasure Enemies.

    In most RPGs I've played, there are these enemy types that only take 1 damage from everything expect critical hits, and drop a lot of loot. No matter how hard I try, I am unable to find anything about how to do this online. I want to make it so that no matter what hits an enemy, it will always...
  15. Kricketot

    Pokémon style enemy stats?

    In my game (it's a pokémon game, in the style of a regular rpg) I'm having trouble finding a proper way of giving stats to the enemies. So I decided to seek out a script that allows for the enemies to have base stats and levels, as it seems appropriate for my problem. I'm seeking out a script...
  16. Kricketot

    Alternative battle messages

    For my game I need to figure this out. How (at all) can I give certain enemies custom battle messages, for example, one battle would be "Enemy appears!" and another would be "Enemy confronts you!" Maybe using a script or something.
  17. Kricketot

    Certain Random Enemies in a Troop

    I want to find a way to have the enemies in certain troops randomized to a limit. For an example, Troop 1 can have any number of Slimes and Rats at random. So when you encounter that troop, you get 3 rats and 4 slimes the first time, then 2 rats and 6 slimes the next time you encounter that...
  18. Kricketot

    The contents of my project Data Folder magically vanished

    So my touch-pad began acting up on my laptop, I needed to restart my computer. So I saved my project and exited RPG Maker. I then restarted my computer and opened up RPG Maker, so it corrupted my project file. No big deal...  I replaced the file and proceeded to open the file, It said "failed to...
  19. Kricketot

    Replacing Text Box with Graphic

    I remember there being a plugin for MV that does this... is there a Script for VX Ace? I've checked I can't find what I'm looking for...
  20. Kricketot

    A Certain Type of Animated Battlers

    I'm seeking a way to have Animated Enemies that AREN'T side view, because for some reason I cannot AT ALL find a script or ANYTHING that relates to what I'm looking for...

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