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  1. Turning off Random encounter on specific maps

    Hi all, I need some help I have some town maps that are suppose to have Random encounters until you defeat the boss and then they turn off. Unfortunately it turned off random encounters on all maps. I tried doing a parallel event to just turn them back on the maps that still should have them...
  2. Event issue in RPG Maker MV

    Ok here is a wierd issue I'm getting on this event. I set up an event for a boss battle but when it starts the battle processing it crashes the game with a type error. I have attached ajpeg of the type error and the console. I'm using almost all of Yanfly's Plug-ins and this didn't show up till...
  3. Three variables

    Ok I have a question, how would I set up an event that would cause what happens below: The player will have choices in the game where he can get diffirent characters in any order he chooses but at the same point he has to go talk to an NPC that directs them to the next stage. What I want to...
  4. Battler Sprite Request

    Hello all, I was hoping that maybe any of you artist might be willing to help if you have the time. I was trying to make a couple of side view actors and I couldn't get them to look right. Anyone willing to help me out on the matter, I would be forever in your debt, thanks in advance. Resource...
  5. Vehicle sprite request

    Hello all, I was hoping that I could find someone with futuristic vehicles sprites. I need a ship and a spaceship that is of futuristic design for a project I am starting. I was hoping the space ship could like a capital style ship that would be found in some ruins that could be activated for...
  6. Region Names

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could possibly get this script converted for MV it was originally for VX Ace. I tried using Region common events from Yanfly to try to mimic what this script does but It isn't working the way I would like it to. Thanks in advance if anyone is willing to do...
  7. Graphic glitches when using a battler you made.

    Ok I made a sv-actor and I I converted some I found for VX ace to use in my project in MV but I git these small little glitches that show up. Like seeing part of the sprite next to the one that MV called up or a part is cut off. I use Photoshop to make them is there an easy way to clean them up...
  8. Vehicle events and enemy scaling.

    I used to use a script for vehicle events in VX ace but I know there is a way to do this in the events. What I would like to do is to only allow a player to reach a skytown only when in the airship, how would I do that? I tried the game information variable but it only has map ID and no way to...
  9. Help with conversion

    Ok I converted my game to MV but it won't load a battle test. I had a bunch of VX Ace scripts what do i need to do to so I can load the game just to test without the plugins I used?
  10. Party member dissappearing when dead

    Hey I was wondering if there are any scripts I can get the would make a character disappear from the battle when dead, move to the back of the reserves list, and the first of the reserves takes his place. I'm currently using Yanfly's core engine, battle engine, and visual battlers for the...
  11. TP

    Hey is there any way to change of TP is aquired? I want to set up my game where certain characters gain TP different from default, and since player one can be different classes set certain class to gain TP a different way than default. For example I want my Healer to gain TP from using healing...
  12. Airship and sky town problem

    Ok I am trying to set up an event where you can only transfer to a city when you are in your airship. How do I do that?
  13. Enemies damaging them selves with skills.

    Ok I am having a wierd issue. In my game I have enemies that I set up to use actor class skills from the database and when the skill is for more than one enemy it ends up hitting the battler not the charactors. What am i doing wrong here?
  14. Having issues with a class changing event

    Ok here is the issue, I created a basic class called a mage and then at a later time using an event system you can upgrade to another more advance class, the problem I am having is when you get the change a couple of the advance classes are not supposed to be able to equip a staff and use a...
  15. Yami-Guardian Basic Question

    Yami, I am using all your guardian script along with you basic engine but my guardians are not healing when the party rests. In the script I have the the line for Recovering the Guardians but it seems to not be working here is the line in the script.  def self.recover_guardians    ...
  16. Need help with Crystal Engine-GF script errors

    I'm working with RPG Maker VX Ace and  so far I got it working for the most part but when i try to go to the GF character to set skills for learning I get an error stating Crystal Engine - GF Menu line 222: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'has_key?' for nil:NilClass. Here are lines...

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