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  1. Event Chasing/Fleeing Player and Touch Event

    I haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to this. I want to have an event run away from the player then enter battle once cornered. I also want to have events chase the player, entering battle once they catch up, but respect line of sight. I know about Yanfly's and V.M.'s scripts, but...
  2. Lemuria (demo)

    You've been shipwrecked and must survive until help arrives, which might not be for awhile. Story After winning the lottery, you bought a yacht and sailed far across the ocean to escape the stresses of modern life. Somewhere between Africa and Australia, your boat was caught in a storm...
  3. Accepting Criticism: Taking Your Lumps vs Being a Baby

    So the Birthday Bash event got a lot of newbies to enter and release their games. (I'm one of them.) And while there were some standout projects, some stood out for all the wrong reasons. For those who received nothing but glowing reviews, congratulations and keep up the good work, but this post...
  4. Enigma Virtual Box and RMVXAce

    So I tried using this to package my game and discovered the game wouldn't read the embedded resources. After plenty of Googling, I found someone (on the Engima Virtual Box forum) claiming they'd gotten it working with VX Ace, but they don't detail how. If someone knows how to ensure VX Ace...
  5. Map GameOver

    Want to use the background map in place of a game over screen? Want to have a menu pop up to let you reload instead of pressing a key to return to the title screen? How about just the menu? I did, so I made this script. It is plug and play, just put it below Materials and above Main. If you put...
  6. Removing ALL the RTP, including VL Gothic

    So I've removed the RTP from my game, including all references in the script to the VL Gothic font. Yet it still says I need that font when I try to run the game. Aside from copying the font, is there something I'm missing? I'd rather not copy a font that is never used anywhere.
  7. Lemuria

    Hotfixed to replace that horrendous windowskin. Sorry if you've already been subjected to that. After winning the lottery, you bought a yacht and went sailing. Everything was going well until the storm. You woke up on the beach, sore all over. Now you have to survive long enough to be...
  8. Face set for Time Fantasy?

    Since Time Fantasy doesn't come with faces, has anyone made any to match the characters?
  9. Just what exactly is "Lunatic Mode?"

    I've been searching and all I turned up was someone else asking the same thing, but not getting an answer.
  10. Share your Lazy Tilesets settings?

    I posted about this in that thread, but I'm not sure anyone even saw it. Can anyone share their settings please? I especially need Time Fantasy, but also the DS and DS+ resource packs, Pixel Myth: Germania, Old School Modern, and Rural Farm. Thanks if you can help. Here's the link to that...
  11. Copying tileset setups

    Is there a way to copy the passage (and other) settings for one tileset image to another? I know I can copy a whole tileset and change the images it points to, but I want to copy the settings from, say, the C tab to the D tab. Also, do these save anywhere so that I don't have to go through the...

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