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  1. YEP passive states How do I tie stat buff to a variable?

    So What I want to do is tie stat buffs for a passive skill to a variable but I dont know the tags and code to do it. Something like user.atk+= 3% * variable The goal would be passives that can be increased over time based on some kind of points spent in that passive. I tried searching but my...
  2. immortal enemies / players bug

    I'm having a bizarre bug where players and/or enemies will reach 0 hp but they are not counted as dead. The player can use items but nothing else (other abilities are greyed out). I even attempted to add an end of turn check for 0 hp and forcibly apply the knockout state but that doesn't...
  3. the default MV Dual wield bug - possible resolution

    //default codeGame_BattlerBase.prototype.canEquipWeapon = function(item) { return this.isEquipWtypeOk(item.wtypeId) && !this.isEquipTypeSealed(item.etypeId);};//proposed changeGame_BattlerBase.prototype.canEquipWeapon = function(item) { if this.isEquipTypeSealed(item.etypeId)...
  4. Type Error undefined is not a function while browsing equip screen

    I get this in console while attempting to browse weapons in the equip menu /C:/Users/Matt/Documents/RPGMK/testProject/js/plugins/Anima_ShadowPartner.js:655 Uncaught Error: Couldn't find Liquidize's Anima_ShadowPartnerRewrite parameters.rpg_managers.js:1618 TypeError: undefined is not a function...
  5. Weapon / Armor variety in games

    How many different versions of a weapon or armor do you prefer in games?
  6. conditional damage formulas in MV

    What is the proper way of doing a conditional damage formula in mv ? I've tried searching but somehow search fu is failing.
  7. Yanfly AutoPassiveStates - passive that boosts damage if a certain kind of armor or weapon is equipp

    I want to make a passive that increases physical damage dealt (or magic depending) if the actor with a given passive skill has a given type of item equipped. For example Axe Proficiency : while an axe is equipped, gain 15% attack  or Tactical Prowess: while light armor type armor is equipped...
  8. MV charcter generator sprite set request (TRON meets power rangers)

    I'm looking to get some art add ons for the character generator that will let me create Tron or power ranger looking characters. This would also include helmet graphics for the face that covers most/all hair but shows mouth and eyes. The visor section would have some HUD looking info on it as an...
  9. gain item at level up

    I want to modify the level up function to add an item to the party's stash (to be used as currency for skill choices at the shop). What is the correct method for doing so? *edit* added this question to the general javascript questions thread instead. - this can be removed.
  10. Enemy Transform modification

     I want to use the script call section to make custom enemy transform calls based on a game variable instead of the manual drop down menu in the editor. Doing so should allow designers to create one troop that can spawn any enemies in your game, eliminating the need for unique troops for every...
  11. Skill choice at level up plugin request

    I'm looking to get a plugin that will allow players to choose between a number of possible skills to learn at a given level up via a separate learn skills screen accessible in the main menu. The functionality would be variable, some classes might get a selection of skills they can pick from...
  12. Yanfly itemCore / upgrade slots - adding a state via upgrade slot

    Is it currently possible to add states / passives via the upgrade slot?
  13. yanfly engine downloads

    I picked up MV via steam and i dont know if it comes with yanfly's engine plugins somewhere by default or if I need to get them online. If I need to get them myself is there one download for all of them or are they only available individually ?

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