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  1. NoPatience

    Yami Battle Damage Popup - possible to create popup by an event?

    I'm using Yami's Battle Damage Popup script (can be found here) to make the battle easier to orient yourself in and visually more attractive. I'm very happy about it, it looks nice and does what I want. In some cases, however, I need the actors or enemies to force lose/gain HP (through common...
  2. NoPatience

    Random weapons and armours appearing in inventory after first save

    This is really bizarre and I'm baffled as to what can be causing it, so I thought I'll ask here, where surely someone will know :LZSwink: This already happened in my previous game, but it was only casual clothes magically appearing in the inventory after the game was saved the first time (it...
  3. NoPatience

    RMVXA The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of

    SYNOPSIS Paul is a scholar with a thirst for knowledge, living peacefully in a village in the Southern Kingdom. But one day the kingdom wakes up to a sunless morning – it has been cast into perpetual night. Despite lacking physical prowess, Paul ventures out of his comfortable life to find the...

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I followed making cooking tutorial for RPG Maker MV. But for some reason buff state that food gives doesn't work in overworld. It disappears. What am I supposed to do?
A shotgun is not a rifle. Huh.
SIGH its so hard to convince my friend that making a game for fun and making one to sell takes different planning. I don't care about weird bothersome ways of doing things in a game made for fun, but when you are planning to market it, there is some stuff that you just have to streamline or cut out.
It might be a little bit boring and tedious, but building that database of armor, items, weapons and skills are super important.

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