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  1. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Working Title (Demo)

    Synopsis You are the young heir to the Duchy of Metheas in the New World. While studying at a prestigious Old World university, your father suddenly takes ill and recalls you to begin taking over his position. To prove your worth, your father tasks you with constructing and growing a port city...
  2. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Is there a way to zoom out?

    For one of my levels, I'd like to be able to zoom out to give the player a better sense of scale. Is there a way to achieve this? I did find a bit of code that works well for zooming in, $gameScreen.setZoom(x,y,zoom) However, this script only works for zooming in. When I tried using it to zoom...
  3. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Hey kids, don't forget that "=" and "==" are different.

    If you're just getting into JavaScript, you might start getting fancy with your "Conditional Branches" and start using scripting instead of just the default values. When you do, it's really important to remember that "=" is the assignment operator, while "==" is the equality operator. "==" asks...
  4. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Is it possible to create new global variables?

    RPGMaker MV uses some complex global variables, like $gameVariables, which are objects, or arrays, or arrays of objects. I'd like to do the same, but I can't figure out how to declare my own global variables to do the same thing. I tried writing a script to do var $Test = "value"; but when I...
  5. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Cool JS function for hacker games or games that get meta

    I haven't had a ton of time to make stuff in RPGMaker lately, but I still wanted to get better at code for when school is done and I have a little more time, so I've been taking these 5 minute JS coding lessons off an app recently. Anyhow, today I ran into this cool function that I hadn't seen...
  6. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Prototype: "Working Title: Homeland"

    "Working Title: Homeland" (as it is currently known) is meant to be a puzzler/city-builder. I've only had a chance to work on a few of the puzzles, and only one of them is remotely ready for testing. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me for how to improve these, since they're still very...
  7. NeptuneTron

    NeptunesOrcaII's Miscellaneous MV Resource Dump

    Sometimes I make stuff, and I figured I should make a place for that, so other people can use them too. Use them if you feel like it. I also don't take requests or commissions (though suggestions are always welcome). Don't expect anything from this, other than what's already there, and you...
  8. NeptuneTron

    Disable sprinting/dashing using scripting

    So I have a certain map that's set to allow the player to dash, which I think is preferable, as it's somewhat large. However, during certain times, I need to disable dashing. Anyone know how? I looked through all the scripting references and documentation I could find, but I'm probably missing...
  9. NeptuneTron

    Interrupt a player's movement with scripting

    I need a way to briefly interrupt a character's movement using scripting. Specifically, I want to be able to have whatever movement button they're clicking to stop registering as wanting to move, until they push that button down again. I noticed in the documentation at...
  10. NeptuneTron

    Finding how many actors are in a project using scripting

    This is a rather unusual request, but I want to be able to find out how many actors there are in my game project using scripting, so I don't have to update the number every time I want to add another actor. I tried using $gameActors.length(), but this did not work, I think in part due to the...
  11. NeptuneTron

    Use script to get the page number of an event

    I want to be able to call a script to find the current page that an event is on, and move it to a variable. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? If you could write out the script and also include an explanation, that would be extremely helpful. I'm pretty new to some of this scripting...
  12. NeptuneTron

    Finding the image of an event with scripting

    I have a script that assigns the image of events based on an interaction. However, once I have the image transferred to the event, I want to be able to examine the image with another script and get the value of the image used by the event. Basically, I'm able to go forwards (value -> image ->...
  13. NeptuneTron

    Changing Event Images with Variables

    Is anyone aware of a way to use scripting to change the image of an event? Specifically, I need to be able to designate the image for the event using a variable. Any ideas?

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