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  1. coyotecraft

    Seal Skill Type Display

    This is just a quality of life change. When you seal a skill-type in game it doesn't actually change anything visually within the Actor Command list or Skill Type Window. For example, I've changed the "Death" State to add a Skill type "Reincarnate" while sealing everything else. As far as...
  2. coyotecraft

    Expanded autotile reference

    I'm posting this here as a point of reference for anyone working with Map Data and are scratching their heads over the autotile ids. I know I was. If we look in the core scripts we can infer that the first autotile, for whatever reason, begins at id 2048. There are 48 tile variations to an...
  3. coyotecraft

    Bug Battle Weather Effects

    "For some reason..." This is what script/plugin developers say as they're introducing a fix to bring back weather effects in battle. This is how it worked in RMXP. The weather effects carried over from map into battle. "For some reason..." In VX onwards, the battle scenes stopped creating the...
  4. coyotecraft

    Bug No Enemy Graphic error

    If you start a battle using an enemy with it's graphic set to "none" the game crashes with the message that the width or height is undefined. However I discovered that you can "transform" an enemy with a graphic into an enemy with it's graphic set to none. And the game will continue just fine...
  5. coyotecraft

    Bug Effekseer setDynamicInput

    This is part Bug. Part Suggestion. In effekseer.min.js the setDynamicInput function has (index, value) as it's arguments. However value isn't actually used within the body, so any attempt to use it will instead set the value to NaN. This is present in v1.52k, v1.52n, v1.53b, and v1.61b It's a...
  6. coyotecraft

    Effekseer 3D models displayed incorrectly

    I've just started playing around with Effekseer using 3D models in animation. It sucks, but that's not rpg maker's problem. However, I found that MZ doesn't display the models correctly in game. Just using a simple cube for example. It appears to display correctly in the Database Preview, but...
  7. coyotecraft

    Suggestion SV Weapons & Animation

    Spelling Errors Real quickly, on the subject of weapons, in the default weapons database (English ver. obviously) all dagger names are misspelled "Daggar", although they have correctly spelled [Dagger] type in their descriptions. The Crossbow and Mithril Bow use a Crossbow weapon type, but...
  8. coyotecraft

    Bug WindowSkin Texture Bleeding

    This is related to other graphical issues that have been brought up. But the proposed solutions so far don't fix this particular problem, so I decided to make a separate topic. It's easiest to see on the battle screen's Actor Status Window which doesn't have the boarder frame. The window back...
  9. coyotecraft

    PIXI Blur Filter

    In rmmz_sprites.js and rmmz_scenes.js Change PIXI.filters.BlurFilter() to PIXI.filters.BlurFilter(clamp=true) This fixes the dark edges on the left & bottom of the menu screen and battle screen when it blurs the map.
  10. coyotecraft

    Status Icon Graphics Error.

    So this is a weird one. Status Icons, in game, seem to include the top edge of the the icon below it on the icon sheet. Of course at first I though the icons are misaligned. But they're not. So then I examined the js files to see if the math was wrong somewhere. But it's all correct. To make...
  11. coyotecraft

    What is Fantasy

    What is Fantasy? That's a rhetorical question. I'm going to tell you what it is. But I'd bet the answer is too simple and distasteful without proper context; and because I feel like writing I'm going to take the scenic route. To begin, it's the name of a literary genre. That's what I want to...

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