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  1. Gooseb90

    Create a CG viewer gallery in RPGMAKER MV

    Have you ever attempted to add a gallery viewer for 'CG' scenes? I want to make a gallery viewer for my own project. I have the title command customizer SRD plugin. I added the command order, but when it comes to the command data, I don't know what to write for it because I don't understand...
  2. Gooseb90

    DB fan games made in RPGmaker

    I've been wondering if anyone or many devs managed to make a successful Dragon Ball fan game in RPGmaker (non-commercial.) What kind of battle system would you use if you made one? I've been thinking of making one myself but I don't have specific ideas about the battle system I would try to...
  3. Gooseb90

    Gallow tileset?

    Did anyone come up with gallow tilesets or anything similar?
  4. Gooseb90

    Missing Actors RPGmakerMZ trial?

    Is it possible that from the RPGmaker MZ the Actor 3-4/SV Battler (the sort of White witch) is completely missing from RPGMAKER MZ trial? Because I'm looking in my folder for my test project it's not in it. So I was wondering if it was normal or not.
  5. Gooseb90

    RMMV Yep Battle AI core

    With YEP Battle Ai Core engine I'm not sure how I would achieve to do what. It's if the enemies tries to use 'X' skill on my male character it works, but if the enemy tries to use the same 'X' skill it would fail if used on a female and make the AI smart enough to ignore the female being a...
  6. Gooseb90

    Animated front-view enemies battles

    Is there a similar plugin of animated side-view enemies Yanfly plugin, but for front-view enemies battler?
  7. Gooseb90

    How to create a Custom save point and only being able to save in specific location?

    I'm looking to find a way to create a custom save point like in Seiken Densetsu 3 save points with Mana statues where it's the only place to save. I found a video tutorial how to create one, but how do I make it so I remove the Save option from the standard menu so that the player is only able...
  8. Gooseb90

    Gooseb's sprite (non rpg maker related)

    In this this thread I'll occasionally make some sprites to practice that are not for rpgmaker. Some sprite I made a while ago
  9. Gooseb90

    MOG (Actor Hud/Battle Hud)

    It seems I get an error in my main game trying to use the actor hud (Classic) and battle hud (Arcana) in my main project. I created a new project and I put the same files and plugins and I don't get the error in the new project. I think that maybe it was because of the plugin orders but this is...
  10. Gooseb90

    YEP Animated Side-view enemies battlers

    I try to make show a dagger on the enemy, but when I do a test battle, the enemy doesn't show the dagger. I'm not sure why. (Actually I'm a moron, it works with regular attacks but not with specials skills, but it doesn't show the weapon for the player actor battlers either so it's something...
  11. Gooseb90

    Terrax Lightning plugin

    Is it possible to make different party members make use of the Terrax Lightning plugin? Like let's say I have mostly humans in my game and I want them to have an harder time to see in the Dark in a dungeon, while if a Dark Elf (who joins the party) gets to see what the humans party members can't...
  12. Gooseb90

    Dungeon tileset (RPMV)

    Are there Dungeons tileset that have a similar to an Underdark aesthetic for maps?
  13. Gooseb90

    Front View vs Side view

    I've wondering what is preferable. To use the Front view or Side-view? The reason I'm asking I try to work on H-RPG, but from what I've seen with a few H-RPGs (I'm not mentioning any because I don't want to get in trouble with the mods), they sometimes use the Front-view while putting the...
  14. Gooseb90

    Dual wield animation

    Is there a plugin that helps with attack animation if you use the slot type 'dual wield' so that in battle when the actor with the dual wield ability can attack with both weapons? Because when I had tested it the dual wield abiltiy in my game, it would only show a single weapon animation which...
  15. Gooseb90

    Gooseb RTP edits

    I decided to share some edit sprite with the help of RPGmakerMV Actor Character creator for some dwarves so credit to Kodakawa and RPGMakerMV, but I used my own Photoshop skill to edit the beards for them to be much longer, I might create more in the future, but by creating more, I might learn...
  16. Gooseb90

    Cows and dwarves

    I bought RPGmaker MV on steam and I noticed it lack cow sprites while the cow sound effect is in which I think is a bit odd. As for dwarves, it feels like the beards in the RPGmaker MV actor creator aren't long enough. When I think of dwarves I think of them as slightly shorter than human and...
  17. Gooseb90

    Battle Event (If party member is at a specific %, enemy use specific skill)

    How could I force an Enemy AI to use a specific skill if a party member is at a certain percentage HP in a battle event?
  18. Gooseb90

    Check if you talk to the essential NPCs before being able to move from other maps

    What I would like to do is make check if a bunch of important NPCs have been talked to before being able to continue to move to other maps. Like let's say you have 5 NPC characters in town that you have to talk to and have your player character asking information (for quest progression). I don't...
  19. Gooseb90

    TDD Bind Picture to maps plugin for Parallax mapping

    The past few days I watched a few tutorials for parallax mapping, but one of the required plugin is Bind Picture to Maps plugin which is no longer available since the videos were made like 4/5+ years ago and the link sends me to a page that doesn't exist anymore.
  20. Gooseb90

    Steal & Snatch (YEP)

    I haven't picked up the plugin yet because it's behind a paywal, but I've been wondering do the Steal kill work if used outside of battle?

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