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  1. DaRealSonGoku

    Do you think I should covert my Dragon Ball Super game (in development) from MV to MZ?

    I'm currently making this game --> DBS Legacy Of Goku I need to know whether I should convert it to MZ using FOSSIL. Let me know your opinion.
  2. DaRealSonGoku

    RMMV Making Kamehameha as a skill in RPG MV using Chrono Engine ABS

    I'm currently making this game - and I would like some help with something. I want to create a skill using Chrono Engine ABS in RPG MV. It is the famous Kamehameha wave from the Dragon Ball Series that...
  3. DaRealSonGoku


    DRAGON BALL SUPER - THE LEGACY OF GOKU is an Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game which is currently in the works. I am currently engaged in making this game as an unofficial sequel to the DBZ Buu's fury GBA Game. This Game follows the same story as the DBS anime. It has its User interface and...
  4. DaRealSonGoku

    Editing a savefile from Dragon ball Z Legend of Z

    I want to edit a savefile from DBZ LOZ as it is hard to play. Can someone help me out?

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I followed making cooking tutorial for RPG Maker MV. But for some reason buff state that food gives doesn't work in overworld. It disappears. What am I supposed to do?
A shotgun is not a rifle. Huh.
SIGH its so hard to convince my friend that making a game for fun and making one to sell takes different planning. I don't care about weird bothersome ways of doing things in a game made for fun, but when you are planning to market it, there is some stuff that you just have to streamline or cut out.
It might be a little bit boring and tedious, but building that database of armor, items, weapons and skills are super important.

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