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  1. hardqueen

    suggestion for next version's character generator

    I hope character generator can provide a function "mirror". For example, all the faces now are facing left. After "mirror", they will face the right side. Sorry for my poor English. With "mirror", rpg makers can create two categories of faces.
  2. hardqueen

    A plugin that can calculate and show the percentage of completing a maze

    Sorry for my English. Like it in FF4, when the player enters into a dungeon and wanders around, there shows the percentage of the dungeopn that has been explored. Is there any plugin offering such functionality?
  3. hardqueen

    How to get actor's TP in a common event?

    "Preserve TP" of all actors is activated. I would like to save all actor's TPs to variables. However, in "Control variables", I can retrieve an actor's level, hp, mp ... etc. There is no TP on the list of GameData. What can I do? Thanks for any help and advice.
  4. hardqueen

    Create an item letting the user advance 1 level?

    Hi, I would like to make an item which can let its user level up. However, I can not use "Grow" in the item's effect setting. And also, when I restrict the item to only "the user" I can not know which user is using the item when I try to call a common event to achieve the desired effect...
  5. hardqueen

    Prize Draw Plugin

    Sorry for my English and cultural difference that may arouse misunderstandings. I would like to have a plugin enabling a feature which lets the player receive an item/some items as a prize depending on the player's luck. I can assign prizes by using tags like <prize: 10%> in the tag of items...
  6. hardqueen

    need help with my map ediing

    As the two pink circles in the attached map pic file, the tree should be under the shadow. How can I achieve this? The other is the ladder. It seems "downward" rather than "upward", which means actors should move up, from the higher layer down to the plain. And please, criticize the three...
  7. hardqueen

    "Detect" Skill in the battle

    I am trying to create a skill that can show the targeted enemy's info. However, apart from b.atk , b.level .... which are listed in the Formula, I do not know how to retrieve the enemy's id, name, element. These data are going to be sent to a common event which shows a text message. I have...
  8. hardqueen

    Question about Calling common event using "Effects" in a skill

    I am trying to create a skill. It is easy to call a common event using the built-in Effects setting. Although in the Formula, a stands for the user who performing the skill, how do I pass "a" to the common event? Speaking in detail, I want my hero to perform a skill that damage two enemies'...
  9. hardqueen

    When will we have a complete database?

    I know due to the needs of Japanese players/company, the database in this release has "almost empty" contents. I mean very few sample items/skills. Can I have an exact date when the entire database is released?
  10. hardqueen

    Change Visual Effects When entering a battle?

    I have read most posts here and the game's help but can not find the settings or ways of visual effects, like Screen Fade in/Out, Broken Screen, ...etc. that are used when actors initially enter a combat. Somehow I remember there is an easy setting to change the effects. However, I have failed...

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