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  1. Help with moghunter's LBMS

    Hey guys! it's been a while since I've touched rpgmv (lack of pc) but I wanna get back into it, I wanted to create a type of game that allows you to fight with freedom instead of the traditional turn based system but I'm having trouble understand mog's system (it's in a different language) but I...
  2. Gameplay mechanics

    Is there a way to make the camera in rpg mv 3rd person? Also is there a way to make the battle system real time open play like say dark souls like?

    Ok so I've recently purchased the midevil dungeon pack and when I go to add the premade characters into my game they are too large and don't fit. How can I get around that?
  4. Help with characters

    Hi, I need some help making characters I created into enemies in game. I keep getting an entire character sheet instead of just 1 animated character. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Custom battle enemies!!

    Hey I'm making a game on rpgm mv and I've used the character creator and created a character but I don't know how to make said character into an enemy, it just shows the charater battler sheet on the screen. Any advice?
  6. Changing Characters

    Hi I'm new to rpg maker mv and I was wondering if you can have a main character and then create another character for flashback purposes and play as the created character for a period of time, before going back to the original main character.

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