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  1. rpgmakerxp

    Help with advanced eventing fusing actors and checking skills?

    I saw a video related to this here: but so much I still am trying to understand. The video seems to focus only on specific party members. For example, if you have a "separate benched" party of say 20 characters outside your usual 3 or 4 party members and want to fuse one of them with a current...
  2. rpgmakerxp

    Friend opens game and it's unplayable, says "you do not have permission to open this"

    I completed a game and sent it through googledocs as an email attachment for his mac. It was sent as a mac version. When he downloaded it it opened up the .exe file, etc. that I could see the little character green background etc. If he clicked it it said he had no permission to open it. The...
  3. rpgmakerxp

    RMMV Character transformation image stays after character died.

    So I did some tests around this bug and found that when the character transforms and dies in battle they keep the "battle image" they acquire after transforming. If the rest of the party escapes, survives, etc. After the battle the image from the transformation stays on them even after they...
  4. rpgmakerxp

    Been over 2 and a half years since I was last on here...

    I returned since I was working on a golden sun-ish game for a few friends and was wanting to continue working on the old golden sun-ish game I made waaay back on rpg maker xp. I was looking into old games and forum posts for guidance. The last 2-3 years have been nuts. From learning 3d...
  5. rpgmakerxp

    Releasing a soundtrack alongside your game from multiple artists?

    This is something I've been unable to find clear information on. So for example, I have a few songs from a musician who made a few songs specifically for my game. Another musician allows free-use/edits of their songs, while another one's songs were obtained from a purchased rpg maker music...
  6. rpgmakerxp

    How to make Rpg Maker MV have manual updates(Steam version)?

    Currently having issues with updates preventing me from even playtesting because of some JavaScript update/s, and I'd like to be able to just not deal with this anymore. Right clicking the software in the steam client and under properties allows me to change the Automatic updates settings as...
  7. rpgmakerxp

    Adding custom art to play during battle

    Hello, I've created several custom art that can be used as a "summon" or special skill on GIMP. At the moment, they are not able to be in the game as .gif. I tried adding them in as animations with the 192x192 cell grid, but it just didn't turn out the way I would like. I learned you need a...
  8. rpgmakerxp

    Need help getting this animated

    I created extra animations on the sprite sheet for a specific character. For example, if my archer uses skill 32, this would activate the "thrust" animation I designed on their sprite sheet, then the thrust animation would play backwards, then play the "swing" animation slowly. Or skill 33...
  9. rpgmakerxp

    How to make a color-tile based puzzle?

    I've played several games where there's a specific colored tile/block that can only be placed on the same color/specific spot(or the path only continues when it's on the same color). I found an example in this video. The puzzle(that you see in the thumbnail)starts at 12:31. Anyone know how...
  10. rpgmakerxp

    Sv actor animation action sequence question.

    Hi, so I couldn't find much online about this. Here's some info. On my custom sv actor spritesheets(yes they adhere to the game's specifications), I create extra "animations" in the unused attack movements. For example, if an archer uses "missile" then I'll create extra animations in "thrust"...
  11. rpgmakerxp

    Describe what your first game was like.

    It doesn't have to be "completed" necessarily. I'd just like to read about others' experiences and maybe others would like to also. =) As for me, I basically had 3 maps. The middle map was a tiny town with no homes, just lots of people with long branching chat/phrases. If you go north...
  12. rpgmakerxp

    How to recreate this effect for the in game screen?

    A long time ago I played a game called Dragon warrior monsters.  I liked the "warping" effect that warped the whole screen.  Though I'd like to be able to create my own variations of this. What I want to know is how to make something like this? Was it made with a video of some sort? Was there...
  13. rpgmakerxp

    Yanfly's row's plugin: no visible rows option in Battle?

    Hi, I recently tried adding a plugin that creates rows for battle into my game.  The issue is simple.  The option "row/s" doesn't appear at all during battle.  I have it enabled and for it to appear in battle as "true"(as such is the default) yet it fails to appear in battle. I created a new...
  14. rpgmakerxp

    Altering sideview sv actor frame speed?

    Hello, I recently finished creating another sv actor and was wondering how to adjust its frame speed?  In particular I wanted to slow it down, so I attempted to raise the frame speed with the following. I already tried the following note tag usually used for enemies and added it to the notes...
  15. rpgmakerxp

    What is your opinion on this art style for characters?

    Notice the eyes of the characters.  The "whites" of the eyes are the same color as their skin. To me it seems to make the eyes look smaller, especially if the pupil is directly underneath the eyelid, but I'm not sure of what else?  What do you all think? Also,would you consider it to be...
  16. rpgmakerxp

    Need help with sv actor dimensions

    Hi, so I've never made any sv actors from scratch before.  For that reason I used a file that already had the dimensions and characters on it, I just used the other characters as a guide, deleted them, used a grid 32x32, and I created my character. That's where the problem is.  The dimensions...
  17. rpgmakerxp

    Is this a good or bad thing for someone to say?

    So, in my game there's people of various cultures and you can tell immediately by how they look(unique sprites/homes/area) The issue is that I  researched videos, audio, etc. to understand how these people speak when attempting to speak English. I then translated the English spoken by these...
  18. rpgmakerxp

    Enemy book RMMV plugin edits?

    Hello, so I hope this is the right forum for this, but I've been trying to figure out a way to make some changes to this plugin. See, what happens is when you engage in battle with an enemy, you don't even have to defeat it for all of its item drops to appear in the enemy book. I do...
  19. rpgmakerxp

    How is this version different from the others?

    Hi, I've been thinking of getting this version since it would be a lot easier to get the custom battle effects/moves, etc., but I'm not sure about a few things. One thing I'm wondering is if I would be able to utilize the script that animates characters in a "golden sun way" in the following...
  20. rpgmakerxp

    What made you quit a game(something about game)?

    Hi, so basically I want to look at the stuff people reply with to get more insight on other players to incorporate or take those thoughts/experiences into consideration when creating future games.  Perhaps others can use this information too. Here's are my experiences: There really are 2...

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