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  1. CardeMaker

    How can i get an save file information and make events based on it?

    I don't know if the title make it clear, but what i have in mind is to make an main menu based on Valve's campaign games (such Half-Life 2 and Portal 2) where the title screen background changes according to your most recent save file, how can i obtain save data for using as an variable or...
  2. CardeMaker

    RMMV Where do i find plugins that put the main menu in an map and don't crash my game?

    i don't know if the title got clear, but what i am looking for is an plugin just like SRD_TitleMapBackground and N_TitleMap, with the simple condition that it is none of the both, because both crash in my project, SRD_TitleMapBackground crashes because i have YEP Gridfree Doodads in my project...
  3. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i add an custom menu in YEP_MainMenuManager via scripting?

    So, i just made an custom menu scene with SceneCustomMenu by Triacontane, this plugin doesn't allows you to put an link for your custom menu in the main menu, so i tried using YEP_MainMenuManager, but i couldn't do it without using common events, and there's two things that i hated about it: 1 -...
  4. CardeMaker

    RMMV Problem using SRD Plugins (maximum call stack size exceeded)

    Sometime ago i made an thread trying to solve an problem that happened to me with SRD_SuperToolsEngine, some talk before i've discovered that the problem was some files from Supertools that got corrupted at the first time i ran it, solved it, and, new problem, Supertools is causing an error...
  5. CardeMaker

    Where can i find Modern Kitchen/Snack bar tilesets?

    Good Night Everyone! I'm making an Snack bar (More like an junk fast food) in my game, a very small one, but even thought it being small, it stills has a lot of empty space remaining, i realized that i need things to fill the ambiance, like an oven or maybe an microwave, maybe some self-service...
  6. CardeMaker

    I need help with an very unusual system that i had the ideia

    Well, i don't even know what to say, but i had an ideia to make an UV Flashlight in my game that can reveal secrets in the map, like The Lens Of Truth from Ocarina of Time, but i had no ideia how to make it because everything i'e tried failed, first i tried using my default lightning plugin...
  7. CardeMaker

    RMMV Help with Loading plugins

    So, i'm using this plugin by Iavra that lets you make an animated Loading screen It's an great plugin, works perfectly, but i want some more, this plugin have an Loading Background function, it can be edited by the params right here: But, as you can see, you can only put ONE SINLGE AND...
  8. CardeMaker

    RMMV Two questions about Scripts for weapons

    i'm needing help with two scripted related things about the weapons in the game, they are different stuff, so i will separate it with an spoiler
  9. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i make an script that checks if the party leader HP is below some percentages?

    I'm SRD HUD Maker, it by default doesn't have any function for changing HP Bar depending on how much HP the player have (the famous green bar that becomes red when is low), but HUD Maker works with Javascript and have script-based conditions, but i don't make any ideia of how can i check the...
  10. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD_SupertoolsEngine Crashing error

    BIG TEXT ALERT Ok, first things first, i've already made an thread about the same problem more than one year ago, but it has gone nowhere because i didn't gave enought details, the only thing that i discovered with that thead is that probably some data file on my project is corrupted, that is...
  11. CardeMaker

    Help understanding ABS scripts

    So, i posted some days ago asking help for making an scriptcall about self-switches for using it in an ABS system, it was an amazing post, and now i'm here to ask for help again, now with some scripts, so, i was studing this ABS demo made by Listra92, and what i'm trying to figure out is how you...
  12. CardeMaker

    Is that a way to remotely activate an Self-Switch?

    Yeah, i know that's odd, so let me explain. Basically, i'm trying to make an abs system by eventing, but there's a thing that bothers me about it,in all the ABS systems via events that i saw, you have to create a switch to use when you kill an enemy, it makes very sense using it, but the problem...
  13. CardeMaker

    How can i make an item have some different effect in an specific character?

    For example, if i have different types of foods that heals characters, and in the party we have Char A, that is addicted to chocolate, now, Chocolate usually heals 25% HP of any party member, but if i gave it for Char A, It will heal 100% because of this feature. how can i make that? i tried...
  14. CardeMaker

    RMMV Problem with SRD Supertools Engine

    I made a topic with this problem a while ago but it had gone nowhere, now i'm here again. so, i have this error with SRD SuperTools Engine every time i launch the game, i don't know if it's the same error from the last time, but this time i'm a bit more wise about it. i know this is not an...
  15. CardeMaker

    Where do i find Jason's mask for generator?

    Hello, i'm looking for the classic Jason's mask (some say it is a hockey mask) for the MV generator, i thought it was gonna be easy to find it but i didn't found, i was almost sure i already saw it, but i'm not so sure now
  16. CardeMaker

    RPG Maker Extended Generator load image bug

    Well, i tried to post an thread asking help with this problem, but i was pretty sure it was in the wrong place, so i asked for mods to move it, and... it was moved to Schlangan's thread, so i think the visibility there will be very low, after reading the forums description i think this is the...
  17. CardeMaker

    I was thinking about make an idle animation, but I don't know if it would be worth it

    I was thinking about making an idle animation for characters in my game, not an current idle of the character breathing, but that time idle, when the character is not moving for a while, that he starts to get bored for not being walking, like Mario sleeping, i'm trying it using common events...
  18. CardeMaker

    I want to *REMOVE* definitively Magic Attack and Magic Defense from my game

    So, i'm making a game in an normal scenario, without magic stuff, I've already removed some stuff from game menu, but, no matter what i make, i just can't get of Magic Attack and Magic Defense in the status menu, even leaving the parameter name blank in database, making every class have the less...
  19. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD Camera Core Error

    It's me again, well, i don't know why but i don't have luck with SRD Plugins, this time is Camera Core, i downloaded this plugin because it can focus on events, coordinates, etc. if anyone knows other plugin that can do it, or maybe only scroll map with variables, please recommend me, here is...
  20. CardeMaker

    Question about image in map opacity

    So, there's a lot of RPG games that have a point of the map, like a bridge that you can walk under, or just a random roof that changes it opacity when the player is under it, and returns to normal when the player leaves, i was wondering if it's possible to make it on RPG MV, i tried it using MOG...

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